Priscilla the musical {on tour in Melbourne}

Priscilla the musical is the stage adapted prodction based on the film, Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  Filled with endless disco classics and crazy amazing outfits; at its heart it’s a story about family.

When: until 29 April 2018

Where: Regent Theatre, 191 Collins Street, MELBOURNE

Cost: from $59-$179 book now

From beginning to end this production is lots of fun… the music is fantastic and energy levels are incredible.  The singing is excellent and the musicians in the orchestra pit are slick, it was hard to sit still in our seats. While the boys were all fabulous singers – it was the combination of all this and the three girls suspended from the ceiling at different points that took it to the next level.

The costumes didn’t disappoint – and often went beyond the outfit selection in the film.  So plenty of fun and colour to delight all ages.  We had plenty of discussions about what costume was our favourite.

The story stays relatively close to the film storyline with a few minor adaptations.  Probably the most noticable change was the character of Bernadette, who is more vulnerable and charming in the stage version – we totally fell in love with her.

Priscilla the Musical is a story about a search for family and belonging – the family we are born into and the family we surround ourselves with.  It’s also about acceptance, love and being true to yourself.

If you’re wondering about mature themes and if this is a show suitable for kids – well there might be a couple of things to talk to the kids about before and after the show (and just some things you might want to know beforehand – for me it was the ping pong scene!!).  I would also recommend for children who are happy to sit, as it’s a long show, so probably 8+.

  • There is some swearing – about the same amount as in the movie.  Charlie (9) is quite fascinated with swearing so this was a good opportunity for us to talk about what is appropriate and what is okay for us.  Also there is a rude finger gesture at one point in the tale – this was the highlight of the production for Charlie (I suspect 99% of the audience wouldn’t even be able to recall the moment… unless perhaps they were a 9 year old boy).
  • There is a dark moment where Felicia finds herself being cornered by a group of rather intimidating men – it’s a short scene and it just reminds us that behind the fun there still lurks fear and ignorance.  I guess for older teens this scene could throw up other discussions around risky behaviour.
  • The ping pong scene is quite ridiculous and the kids (I am generalising here!) will probably not recognise what it is supposed to symbolise – it’s managed in a PG rated manner.  On the other hand the sterotyping of Bob’s wife could have been less cringeworthy – and was only just got away with thanks to absurdity and humor of it all… just.

We really loved this production and could happily see it again – while it’s hard to beat Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce in the film version, I have to say that I might have liked Priscilla the Musical even more!  Shhhh.

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