rabbit hole playcentre

Rabbit Hole Kids Playcentre

Rabbit Hole Kids Playcentre is Melbourne’s biggest indoor playcentre (and also one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere!).  Rabbit Hole boasts exciting multi-functional spaces, party rooms and indoor rock climbing wall – plenty of entertainment the kids will love. 

April 2018

When:  Monday – Thursday 9.30am-6pm, Friday 9.30am-7pm, Saturday 9.30am-7.30pm, Sunday 9.30am-5pm

Where: 227 Ballarat Road, Braybrook

Cost: Adults and children under 1 are FREE, 1-2 year olds $14.50, 3 years + $17.50.  Rock climbing additional $10.  Locker hire $2.  More details

rabbit hole

Many thanks to contributor Thuy On for attending on behalf of Meetoo and sharing her review.

There’s a new playcentre in the west (only three weeks old!) and Rabbit Hole is its name. Consisting of several different zones that cater to different ages and abilities, it’s a bright, cheery and sprawling venue that comes with an adjoined café (including coned ice-cream options), a designated cooking school area and various themed party venues available for hire. A Funfair area that consists of a circus-styled tent is planned as a future performances space.

With two keen ten-year-olds in tow, we explored all the available spots in this warren, including Space Zone, Sea World and Enchanted Forest. Pigeonholes for shoes and lockers are provided at the entrance (unless you are thinking of climbing on the rock wall, there is a sock-only policy). The centrepiece is a large hull of a boat that opens up out to contain a gazillion white balls that change colour when shone on from above. There are netted structures, multi-levelled mazes, tunnels and rope bridges that demand climbing, sliding and crawling for the little ones. Adults too can join in, though the tight spaces may require various contortionist manoeuvres to be able to fit.rabbit hole playcentre

Rabbit Hole has well-thought out seating for carers to supervise and plenty of staff wearing T-shirts that are coloured coded to match the respective play areas. They wander around to assist or rescue, so safety is a priority here and two dedicated staff are always on standby to help with harness manipulation should you wish to pay a bit extra and rock climb. This is highly recommended for older kids and adults who wish to join in the fun.

Rabbit Hole tends to cater towards an age group between 5-10. The tweens in our group had run out of age-appropriate obstacles and play zones after about an hour and a half but younger kids will probably stay longer. There is however, no designated babies or toddlers area.

The burgeoning inner west seems to attract a lot of playcentres and Rabbit Hole is a welcomed addition. Any venue that promotes physical exertion and coaxes time out from electronic devices is to be commendable and this brand new one is worth a visit.

Things to note:

  • The playcentre is positioned at a busy shopping centre but parking is free.
  • The exit is through the gift/lolly shop so be prepared for some pestering on the way out.
  • Adults and children under one have free entry
  • Weekend prices are slightly more expensive than weekday ones.
  • Rock wall climbs are an additional cost.
  • Not outside food are allowed except for water bottles and baby food