Rampfest - indoor skate park

Rampfest – indoor skate park

Rampfest is an indoor skate park that caters to all abilities, from the absolute beginner through to the expert.

When: 11am – 10pm Tuesday to Friday, 9am – 9pm Saturday and 9am – 6pm Sunday.

Where: 47-85 Hillary St, BRAYBROOK (plenty of onsite car parking)

Cost: From $15 a session (sessions vary from 2 – 7 hours depending on day and time)

Charlie (10) and his mate recently tested out Rampfest.  Our visit also included an hour lesson with Ravine – an excellent way to get some confidence and get some insider tips on how to manage some of the more challenging aspects.

While it’s fabulous to have a lesson – it’s also a space that kids can test out their skills at their own pace, so not necessarily something you need.  The boys were scooting for about two hours – and during that time I witnessed some very little kids getting into the action (one was still wearing a nappy!).

The ramps are all timber (so not as hard as the outdoor concrete skate parks) and the space is indoors, so weather isn’t a factor.

Also worth noting is that there is a dedicated party room (that has views out into the skate park), an onsite repairs centre, a cafe and a shop.  Given Rampfest is located in an industrial area, having all these amenities on site is a definite plus!

Charlie and his mate had a brilliant time – having the time with Ravine definitely boosted their confidence to try new things (one drop was a few metres high!) and I had to drag them out.

There was a smattering of girls scooting around the day we visited, but it was definitely a higher ratio of boys.  The skate park code here was civilized, with plenty of room for the little kids (quite a few 5-year-olds were still scooting around from an earlier party) right through to the late teens.  A couple of staff (such as Ravine) were dotted around the floor blending in with the crowd and encouraging fair play – it wasn’t an intimidating atmosphere at all.

Possibly the coolest part was seeing the advanced kids doing some amazing tricks around the floor – flips and twists (okay I have no jargon here, that’s just my interpretation of what I saw happening!).

rampfestIf you’re a local we are totally envious – this would be a great place for playdates and school holidays… but more than that if you’re keen to up your skills Rampfest offer weekly training sessions that run all term as well as school holiday clinics.  Check their website for more details.