Rodan + Fields comes to Australia

Rodan + Fields comes to Australia

So this is totally off topic for me, but I was curious to suss out what people’s first impressions of Rodan + Fields is – and if, in fact, anyone had heard of it before now?

I don’t consider myself an expert in things cosmetic… my vanity cabinet is not consistent, depending on my mood (and finances) my bathroom counter can contain very little in the ways of lotions and potions – occasionally I will splash out at Priceline and try a new serum.  Sometimes I am lucky and I am given product or a Mecca voucher for a birthday, or a sample at a blogger event.  My beauty products are a hodge-podge mish-mash of budget through to higher end.

I consider my beauty regime fairly middle of the road – my mum, on the other hand, is a complete minimalist.  Being someone who prides herself on common sense and logical thinking she decided long ago that beauty products (aka face creams, toners, exfoliators etc) are completely unnecessary and, quite possibly, we are probably making ourselves sick.  My mum has fabulous skin and has never had any issues with her skin so it’s easy for her to feel that way.  And I have to say that like many things my mums says – on some level she’s probably right.

Unlike my mum I didn’t have blemish free skin – I had pimples that appeared in my late teens and they hung around until I was nearly 40.

While I was in high school my mum consulted doctors and skin specialists about my skin (never beauticians tho – mum said facials and the like were breeding grounds for bacteria… did I mention she was a nurse?!) and I was put on all sorts of medications to control my hormones, went through blood tests and also applied topical lotions that you got with a script at the chemist.  There was no internet back then – so you saw a specialist and you compared notes with other mums… sadly none of it made any difference to my skin.

I sat through many a lecture from mum on the importance of diet and health – but it didn’t matter how much lettuce, broccoli or beans I ate, things didn’t change.  Of course when major assignments at uni were due and I was eating too many doughnuts and/or drinking too much beer my skin was at it worst – but the rest of the time it wasn’t that flash… and eventually mum turned her focus to helping me invest in quality makeup.  {Side note – the only thing that finally did clear up my skin, and this is my personal experience, was a combination of age and finally finding a birth control hormone that worked.}

So I guess what I am trying to say is – whilst my mother has shunned make-up and skin care for herself, she showed an interest in it for my benefit – and so I haven’t been sheltered from trying new products.  In the same breath, I have a healthy dose of scepticism over just how effective products are (and their claims) and also a nervousness about putting unnecessary chemicals on my skin.

Just before Christmas the kids and I were at a BBQ dinner hosted by a friend – and a bunch of my old uni friends were there.

One of the gang was telling us about a new product a friend had sent her from America, called Rodan + Fields.  She was having a bit of a rave and she said her friend had encouraged her to “pre-enrol” as a consultant as the product is about to launch in Australia.  She told us that one of the big consultants from the US was coming to town in 2017 and when she did she might visit her house and do a little session about Rodin + Fields.  Our conversation then jumped onto the quality of the guys BBQing skills, people’s plans for Christmas and then the kids rounded us up to do the mega Kris Kringle (so much fun).

Fast forward to Feb 2017 – my friend invited me to come along to meet the American consultant at her house and find out more.  The basics I gleaned are as follows…

  • Rodan + Fields is launching in Australia in the next few months (and then we can get our hands on the product range)
  • Before they launch anyone can pre-enrol as a consultant, and this entitles them to some benefits when the brand launches (such as consultant discounts, product pre-launch and some other stuff I am a bit vague on)
  • Rodan + Fields is about to become the largest player in the skincare market in the US, currently they are ranked third – people are crazy for it over there (I admit my access to this story is very one sided, so I can only go on the rhetoric I have been fed).  They have been around for about eight years.
  • Rodan + Fields pride themselves on the quality and effectiveness of their ingredients.  They are results driven and the product has been developed by chemists (Dr Rodan and Dr Fields).  The have a 60-day full money refund guarantee and you can return the product anytime within the 60 days for a full refund – because of this R+F feel that clients are less hesitant to try a regime out for 2-6 weeks as it ensures that they experience the benefits claimed and if it doesn’t then they aren’t out of pocket.
  • Rodan + Fields offer three main ranges (they call them regimens), one that suits everyday use for average skin (looking to get back some glow), one for sensitive skin (this helps with redness, breakouts etc) and the one I want – ageing!

Look I am not particularly interested in being a sales consultant (or attending sales conferences in Vegas, gah).  I am not even sure how comfortable I feel about the business model of Rodan + Fields (and I went to a preview training event this week and was rather underwhelmed by the Australian team’s ability to answer questions directly)… but I am curious about trying the product and watching the launch unfold.  So I did pre-enrol.  I may just get my discounted product and try it out… I might even come back and share a before and after photo – if the “after” turns out to be worth sharing.  I don’t quite know just yet.

I would love to know if you’ve heard of Rodan + Fields and what your impressions are (maybe like my friend you’ve already tried it out?!).  If you’re curious to get your hands on product before anyone else (or even become a full-blown consultant) you’re welcome to enrol via me, here’s the link + Fields Australia