room on the broom

Room on the Broom 2017

If your family is a fan of Julia Donaldson’s bedtime favorite Room on the Broom then do not miss this limited run at the Arts Centre!

When: 4-15 January 2017, various times

Where:  Arts Centre Melbourne, St Kilda Road

Cost: $29-42, pre-book an Arts Centre kids lunchbox with your ticket.  Tickets selling out!  Book tickets to Room on the Broom room on the broom

Thank you Nathan Gardiner for attending Room on the Broom with your family on behalf of Meetoo and sharing your story and photos with us!

On Saturday our boys knew they were in for a surprise, but they didn’t know what.

We walked to the National Gallery of Victoria, let our fingers cool as they caught the water out front on the 36-degree day and then we kept walking.

We got to the front door of the Arts Centre and as the two boys saw Axel Scheffler’s image of a lady with a bow in her long ginger plait whom was hovering in the sky with her sidekick cat they at once recognised that we were off to see Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom.

Inside the Arts Centres lower level, Imaginary Architecture have created a village made of cardboard boxes that let you and your child explore, with torch in hand, the mind of a creative child in the moments before they fall asleep. There is also a creative space for children’s hands to turn ordinary cereal boxes into architecture of their very own imaginary world.

The call is made and two tentative adults take a 2-year-old boy (with no theatre experience) and a 5-year-old boy downstairs into the dimly lit theatre. We are softly introduced to the cast members without even realising as they play hide & seek around the theatre to make the kids feel at ease with them; the costumes of the scary characters in the play are even introduced just to take the edge off for gentler souls.

With four cast members and limited props, using puppetry, sing-along-song, and a broad humour that tickles each person, what is our ten-minute bedtime read becomes easily a hour-long long play that is very enjoyable.  And yes, the two-year-old sat for a whole hour and enjoyed the show!

Some photo’s from Imaginary Architecture: