Salts of the Earth

Have you heard of salt therapy?  Do you know what it’s for or what even happens during a session?  With the arrival of cold & flu season, we thought we should check out Salts of the Earth…

When: daily, various times

Where: various locations

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Salt therapy quite simply is sitting in a room surrounded by salt – breathing it in.  You don’t need to float in a tank (or hook one up) – you don’t even need to touch any salt (although it is fun to run your fingers through it) as it’s floating in the air and already landing on any exposed skin.  It’s 45 minutes of chill out while the salty air makes its way into your nose, throat and lungs.

So why should you go?

For your skin, airways and lungs!

The pharmaceutical grade salt used is both a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.  It’s balancing Ph properties stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Inside your lungs and airways it helps to thin out mucus – making it easier for the body to expel any debris in your system.

So short story is if you have any breathing, congestion or irritated skin issues then salt therapy might be for you.

I actually got to put the salt therapy to the test as last week as when we started our trial I came down with a horrible cold… I hesitate to call it a flu – but I did have two days of fever and slept for 48 hours straight.  On the evening of my second day spent in bed we went along for our salt session.  And we went again the following night (I had even felt well enough that day to get up and go to work).  During my two days in bed I had begun to develop a pretty gross cough (with a yellow-green discharge – yuck!) – but after the 2 salt sessions that infection was gone… and somehow I also seemed to skip the sinus head cold part of my usual symptoms.  While my nose still needed lots of blowing over the past week it’s all been clear – and never blocked.  And with two more sessions this week my system is totally cleaned out.  I would have to say for such a big start to this cold (or flu) it cleared up really quickly and the only thing I did differently this time was the salt therapy…

Both the kids have joined in the sessions and neither came down with my cold (and I am the only one of us who has had the flu shot, go figure #rollseyes).

So what do you need to book?

It’s important to know that there are three different room options.  We tried the adult room once – but you really can’t talk or even look at a device in the adult room as everyone kicks back on the massage chairs and dozes off.  The kids room offers the same therapy with the addition of Netflix, toys and no noise or light restrictions (but also no chairs that offer a massage – which we were more than happy to skip in favor of being able to talk and watch the TV!)

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Commercial disclosure: we were invited for five complimentary sessions at Salts of the Earth Oakleigh in exchange for a shout out on Instagram.  All opinions are my own.