Alice's Wonderland

Scienceworks: Alice’s Wonderland

What is real and what is an illusion?  Alice’s Wonderland is the latest exhibit to arrive at Scienceworks and it challenges children to explore concepts through play with sizes, shapes, proportions and games.

When:  until 1 November 2015

Where: 2 Booker Street, SPOTSWOOD

Cost:  Included with general admission fee to Scienceworks, Adults $12, children FREE

Alice’s Wonderland – A Most Curious Adventure offers Prep to Grade 3 a range of activities relevant to their maths and science curriculums.

We visited the space with some friends and the children needed no encouragement to jump into the rabbit hole and begin exploring the exhibition.  In our group we spanned ages 5 through to 9 – all of whom were happily engrossed for almost an hour.  And it wasn’t just the kids getting into the action – the adults also couldn’t resist joining the fun.

There were plenty of fabulous learning opportunities that could be explored by the child on their own, but also some that were great to work on together as a team.

The theme of Alice’s Wonderland was loads of fun as it’s a story we are familiar with and the characters provide so much colour.  This is a very clever little exhibition and a perfect excuse to revisit one of Melbourne’s most loved venues.

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