See Make Play

See Make Play

Just off Greville Street in Prahran is one of the sweetest (and smallest) creative spaces; the creations are delicious, the process delightful and the gorgeous Francesca leads her class through fun and imaginative workshops.  Check out See Make Play.

When:  classes run during the term for preschoolers and adults, and during school holidays for older kids.  Click here for details

Where:  Das Stüdio, 127a Greville St PRAHRAN

Cost:  starts at $25, suitable for children aged 1-14 (plus check out the adult classes!)

During the school holidays, the mini reviewers checked out the terrarium and key ring making workshop at See Make Play.  Given the space is cosy I was booted out after the first ten minutes – so I captured some of the briefing and then came back to witness the children putting their finishing touches on their work – they all did an amazing job.

The space is fun – it’s a tiny Victorian shop front that really couldn’t be utilised better now that it’s filled with colour, imagination and movement.

As well as verbally explaining the step by step process for the project of the day, Francesca had a hand drawn version of her instructions displayed on the wall.  Also dotted around the room were the remanents of previous projects – which makes you wish you could come back every day for more!

Being an intimate class size definitely has its advantages.  The day we were there the class was at capacity and so Francesca had her mum there to help – which means there were about 5 children per adult.  The art supplies were inspiring and the process thoughtful.

Before the children began creating Francesca read a story… which seems a bit quaint as the average age in the class was about 9, but the kids (and I) loved it.  And I have to say it very perfectly set the tone for the workshop.  The story was about subversion through knitwear via the Huey’s – The New Jumper.

After the story, everyone began planning and designing the look of their terrarium by creating a collage – and at that point I took off for a peaceful coffee and window shop around the nearby streets of Prahran.  I returned about 15 minutes before the class ended to find terrariums almost completed and polymer clay key ring ornaments coming out of the oven to be hooked up to their key rings.  I also discovered a roomful of enthusiastic and pleased children who proudly presented their creations to their returning parents.

Not only was it a two hour class packed with non-stop creativity – the art supplies were incredibly generous and the output from the kids was fabulous with the creations very happily given pride of place at home (one was proudly given to grandma as part of her birthday present).

Tip:  feed and water the kids before you take them (I failed to do this and my two had tanties on the car ride home – opps).