"Shower", "sprinkle" or "see & sip"?

“Shower”, “sprinkle” or “see & sip”?

Before having kids myself I would do anything in my power to get out of attending baby showers – they were (in my jaded singleton mind) awkward affairs filled with rather embarrassing games, not to mention the excruciating present opening ceremony (at which the mother-to-be would coo over things like packets of nappies and tiny socks and the experienced mums in the group would weigh in with their unsolicited advice).

So you won’t be surprised to learn that I never actually had a baby shower… I figured I had all the basics, thanks to our families, and I was a bit nervous to jinx the whole birth thing with a party before it had actually happened.  So I had about 50 one on one catch ups before and after my first-born, Immi, arrived – this spread out affair is these days referred to as a “sprinkle”.

Immi turns 10 in a couple of days and as we reach this milestone we are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends having new babies – and celebrating their arrivals with the updated (and greatly improved) versions of the baby shower.

And I have since got over my phobia of baby showers – let’s face it parties for grown-ups during the day are a treat and baby showers these days have evolved into something a little more sophisticated.  Some baby showers include the boys (not sure why that hasn’t happened sooner), if there are games they are no longer the focus but just a nod to tradition, baby showers are moving out of the house (which must be less of a burden on an expectant mum) and sometimes they are happening after the birth earning the moniker “see & sip”.

And some baby showers are becoming major productions.  If you want to dream big then here are a few pretty amazing ones to check out:

And while maybe I would still shy away from a “shower” if I did it all again – I certainly wouldn’t say no to this amazing prize.  And thank’s to Mums Grapevine one lucky winner will be taking home Elise Swallow’s baby shower goodie bag valued at over $6000.  Click here to enter.  Entries close October 30, 2015.  Tell all your pregnant friends!