Singin’ In The Rain

Singin’ In The Rain

Despite raining down an epic 12,000 litres of recycled water during every performance, Singin’ In The Rain shines bright in Melbourne’s early winter.

When: From 7 May to 26 June, 2016

Where: Her Majesty’s Theatre, 219 Exhibition Street MELBOURNE

Cost: Tickets from $69.90, book here

Thank you Erica Louise for your fabulous guest post!

The musical is based on the 1956 old-school movie classic of the same name, which starred Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.  Singin’ In The Rain the musical revives 1920s Hollywood, in a time when “talkies” began to dominate over silent movies.  The tale follows three film stars who must make that leap into moving picture with sound, in order to continue their on-screen success.

It becomes apparent, the lead actress in the story, Lina Lamont, has a face for camera, but not so much the voice.   Lina, the blonde movie starlet, is played amazingly well by Erika Heynaz, who has mastered her character’s high-pitched nasally Bronx accent perfectly.   Not only that, but Erika’s ditsy partake of Lina adds hilarity to the show.

Adam Garcia is Singin’ In The Rain’s big name star.  Garcia returned to Australia to appear in his first all singing, all dancing lead role in 24 years, playing Lina’s on-screen partner, Don Lockwood.  Garcia’s character, Lockwood, meets Kathy Selden (played by Gretel Scarlett) one night; an actress and singer who prefers Shakespeare over the silver screen.  The two fall in love, which does not please Lina Lamont one bit.   

Don Lockwood’s likeable sidekick, Cosmo, played by Jack Chambers, does wonders for the musical.  You may not know, but Jack Chambers is best known for winning Australia’s So You Think You Can Dance TV show in 2008.  In that show, Chambers performed a hip-hop version of Singin’ In the Rain.  Now Chambers jumps into the real-life role of Singin’ In The Rain’s comical Cosmo, and he does it so well.

Now that scene; the one that everyone anticipates.  First performed by Gene Kelly in the 1956 Singin’ In The Rain movie, the dancing in the rain scene is undoubtedly the best in this theatre production (although there are plenty of other amazing scenes, too).   It is here you see the stars of the show, really shine.  Garcia in particular, takes that extra step to drench the first few rows of the audience, tapping and splashing through water tumbling down onto the stage.  Don’t worry if you are one of those lucky few; raincoats will be provided.

The lead up to that famous Singin’ In The Rain scene is absolutely worth it.  How often is it, you get to see real water pouring down on a Melbourne stage? That said, Singin’ In The Rain in its entirety, is an unforgettable performance from beginning to end.

The ultimate ‘Broadway’ musical showing at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne this May and June, is everything you could want from an all singing, all dancing stage show.

Footnote:  While there aren’t any curse words nor scenes that are sexual in nature, it’s a love story with plenty of kissing scenes!  Recommended for school age and above.

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