Spider Man homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming

If you have Spider-Man loving kids you might want to know if this movie is age appropriate.  You will be pleased to hear that Spider-Man: Homecoming has not left its younger fans out in the cold.

When: coming to cinemas 6 July 2017Spider Man homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming would suit the 8+ superhero crowd (with parental guidance, in Australia it’s rated M).  Unlike previous installments of Spider-Man this film is not all about the big action sequences (there are a few but they aren’t quite as epic/violent as other super hero films).

One character does meet an early demise when he is accidentally vaporised (one of the support character baddies) and there is a passenger and car ferry that is accidentally laser beamed in half – but never fear (as far as the audience can see) no one is injured.  Oh, and there is a fight scene between Spider-Man and the main villain that is pretty brutal (Spider-Man is rescued).

There is a little bit of colourful language sprinkled here and there – but it’s not excessive and generally in the context it’s used it’s not outrageous (if only teenagers on my train to work were so restrained!).  Nudity is limted to Spidey with his top off and as for romance it’s very PG flirtation for our teens and a brief kiss between adults.

The story follows Spidey as he finds his feet.  He’s 14-15 years old, presumably in junior high, and struggling to figure out where he fits, how he balances two lives and desperate to prove himself – what could go wrong right?!  Oh he also has a crush on a pretty girl and he has Iron Man as his (slightly absent) mentor.  We also meet Peter Parker’s best friend who adds a little comic relief to the story.

For more hard-core Marvel fans there are a number of sub plot throwaway lines, which went over my head but the audience around me knew what they meant and there were laughs at the in-jokes; it didn’t make any discernible difference to the story line as far as I could tell.

The film is just over 2 hours in length.spider-man homecoming