St Kilda Adventure Playground

St Kilda Adventure Playground

Neptune Street Adventure Playground

Where: Off Neptune Street, St Kilda.  Click here for map.

When: This playground has a dedicated staff member and is only open to the public at specific times.  During term: Monday to Friday 3.30 – 5.30pm, weekends and school holidays: 11am – 5pm, public holidays: 11am – 3pm.  FYI these times can change due to special programs and so it is recommended you call to avoid disappointment (613 9209 6348).  For more information click here

What: Like it’s sister Skinners the Neptune Street Adventure Playground offers children a huge range of play options.  Neptune Street is on a smaller allotment – but it’s equipment and grounds are in much better condition, and with many new additions to play equipment this playground has much “wow” factor.  When we visited during the Easter holiday break we were overwhelmed by the number of people – it was like we’d walked into a huge birthday party (my friend who came with us is a school teacher and she said there was easily 300 kids & parents in the space as it felt just like being on yard duty).  Maybe the beautiful sunny day had everyone out of their homes and down at Neptune Street – and being such an awesome playground I can totally understand why!!