StArt Up: Top Arts 2015

StArt Up: Top Arts 2015 at the NGV

StArt Up: Top Arts 2015 is an exhibition of the best VCE Art students of 2014.  The work represents a range of themes and ideas explored across a range of media including photography, drawing, printmaking, painting, textiles and screen.

When:  19 March – 28 June 2015, 10am – 5pm Tuesday to Sunday (except Good Friday)

Where:  The Ian Potter Centre, NGV Australia, Federation Square MELBOURNE

Cost: FREE

The work on display is impressive – I couldn’t choose a favourite but we did love Olivia Gardiner’s Carnage, Ashleigh Newman’s illustrations, Elizabeth Wilson’s Woolgathering, Miglė Žvirblytė’s Dress and Clare Ellison Jake’s Little Scabs etc. 

Charlie (6) was the photographer for this particular review (thanks Charlie) and we did enjoy meeting and chatting with artists Olivia Gardiner and Miglė Žvirblytė.

Immi and Charlie were most keen to meet these two artists as they had questions about their work.

Interview with Olivia Gardiner: Carnage
: Is the dress a real dress – can someone wear it?
Olivia: Yes it can be worn, but only by someone who is very skinny as the waist is very tiny – one of my friends has worn the dress.

Interview with Miglė Žvirblytė: Dress
: How long does it take to grow and how do you water it?
Miglė: It takes about 10 days to two weeks to grow the plants, I laid it out flat on a table outside as it’s easier to water with a watering can – inside you have to water it with a water sprayer.
Kate: How long will it live and will you be replacing it?
Miglė:  Only about a week or so – it fades to a green and beige colour.  This one wont be replaced – just left, next to the original photograph.

Just like their predecessors, such as Ash Keating, we are suspecting we will be seeing more of these StArt Up guys and girls at the NGV in years to come!

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