Sydney Biennale 2014

Sydney Biennale 2014

This years Biennale in Sydney is titled “You Imagine What You Desire”.  As always the Biennale is mind bending, reflective and fun.

When:  Until 9 June 2014

Where:  Various venues around Sydney, click here for more information

Cost: MCA Free


I love contemporary art when it is fun and amusing.  Also when it’s beautiful and entices you stop and ponder.  The Biennale work on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art does all of that.  The works on the first floor were the most fun for the children – and while I had a sneaky peak at the other works upstairs dad and the kids went for a run around on the lawn outside, and that was just as well as upstairs there were a few items where there was absolutely no touching (bordering on no breathing) but they were beautiful so I was glad to have seen them.

Entry to the MCA Biennale exhibits is FREE

What the Biennale Artistic Director says about the MCA exhibition:
At the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, an air/water venue as I read it, I situate the more liminal, libidinous, liquous items, many of which use the psychological language and semiotics of surrealism, or the energetic movements of colour abstractions. Sometimes both conjoined. This is a space that moves from darkness to light, from movement to stillness. It holds invention in its taxonomies.”  — Juliana Engberg Artistic Director

This year when we visited we only had two hours to spend – but if we’d had all day I would have been straight on the ferry to Cockatoo Island!  In 2012 we visited the Biennale exhibits at Cockatoo Island and they were fantastic – see our 2012 review here.