Team Holiday - holiday camp

Team Holiday – holiday camp

Team Holiday – is a fantastic full-day holiday program located at over 15 venues across Melbourne.  They mix it up with on site activities and excursions to all the favourite kid friendly venues around Melbourne.

When:  Every school holidays

Where:  Currently at 17 venues around Melbourne, click here for the list.

Cost:  Starts at $65/child before government rebates (also discounts for extra children, and sometimes extra fees for excursions)


Thanks to Alli Price from Motivating Mum and her daughter Amelie for this fab review!

You name it, I’ve sent my eight year old daughter Amelie to it – the holiday camp where the kids are in charge, not the camp leaders;  the camp where they did art all day, every day; the camp where the kids did sport all day and were run ragged and the camp where the camp leaders sat on their butts and chatted amongst themselves.

That’s why I was soooo happy when I stumbled across Team Holiday. From the moment I walked in it was such a great atmosphere. Kids were entertained inside and out with a multitude of activities and there were staff everywhere – a great ratio of one supervisor per 10 kids (well below the government regulation of 1:15 ratio).

After checking in on an iPad (where you are required to create a pin for when you or another guardian collects) my daughter was whisked away by a lovely female camp leader to look at baby chicks in an incubator.

That day, it was an incursion – and they have some fab ones – like Masterchef day, where they learn to make rice paper rolls, or how to do graffiti art.

They also do great excursions to places like Clip n’ Climb and Geelong Adventure Park. I particularly love the excursions as there is no way I would be tempted to take my kiddies to places like these in school hols – so I am more than happy to pay someone else to do so!

What else is fab?

  • Pics are uploaded of the kiddies during the day so you can see how they’re getting on – accessible on the site by a password
  • You can also claim the Govt benefits and rebates on the Team Holiday program, including excursions and the lunches you can order for your kiddies (if entitled)
  • It’s a long day program – 8am – 6pm – which is perfect for me as I have to work
  • They also do programs specially for 10 – 15 year olds, including a 5 day surfing camp in Philip Island

So, as you can see, I rate it! But what does my daughter think?

  • How much do you look forward to your days at Team Holiday? I can’t wait to go.
  • On a scale of 1 – 10 how much do you enjoy yourself there? 10
  • What is one thing you think is great about Team Holiday? The fun activities.
  • What is the lunch like? What does it consist of? They put in a little toy, muffin, sandwich, fruit and sultanas and I think it’s yummy.
  • How friendly and nice are the staff? On a scale of 1 – 10 they are a 10 because they give us jellybeans and they do lots of fun activities with us and are really involved. For example, when we went to Jump Factory, they jumped with us.

Alli Price is the founder of Motivating Mum ( – providing support and advice to mums in business, or starting out, by way of events, mentoring, affordable business services and more. She knows what it means to find entertainment for the kids in school hols so work can be done!