Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan

Test Drive – Mitsubishi Mirage

The Meetoo team (aka the kids and I) got our hands on a brand new Mirage sedan for a week – we had lots of fun taking it through its paces.  From the school drop off to the open road this little dynamo was a satisfying and comfortable drive.

Mum review

Our Mitsubishi Mirage Sedan LS was Cyber Blue in colour and came with extras (like light and rain auto sensors) that anyone who has had a new car in the past few years would probably be accustomed to.

We loved the keyless entry function.  When I’m loading the kids, and all their gear, into a car – not having to scramble about in my handbag (which turns into a Bermuda triangle the moment I need to find keys) for a key/button to unlock, lock or start the car is an absolute blessing.

The seats were really comfortable and easy to adjust.  There are three anchor points (and two Isofix hooks) for child car seats or, alternatively, the car can seat five adults.

Our street recently got these nasty vicious little speed-bumps.  Five sets of bone jolting, brain slapping speed-bumps.  The Mirage sedan cruised over those speed-bumps like nobodies business.

We took the car for a drive down to the Mornington Peninsula and I really enjoyed driving it on the open road.  We felt secure on the road, not intimidated by large vehicles (as I imagined we might be) and the fuel consumption was impressive – our return trip (1 hour each way) was under 1/3 of the tank.  I drove that little baby all week and zig zagged across town – returning it to Mitsubishi with still 1/4 of a tank to go!

The boot was surprisingly roomy for a small car.  The 450L boot can apparently fit two golf bags, and while I didn’t personally test that out (just read it in the brochure), I did head to Prahran Market to do the weekly shop and my shopping bags barely touched the sides.  Same again when it came to packing the kids and my overnight bags when we went down the coast.

With a little programming my phone was connected via bluetooth and we could listen to our iTunes and make phone calls – via voice control and the buttons on the steering wheel.

Something I didn’t realise I have become reliant on is rear sensors – the Mirage is a super affordable car and so I guess this is where costs are kept down.  By the end of the week I had got back into the swing of keeping my eyes glued to the rearview and side mirrors as I reversed out of our driveway. (FYI rear sensors  are available as an optional extra.)

Another thing I missed was cruise control – I love cruise control when I am on a freeway, it’s just my way of ensuring I keep within the speed limit.  If I want to quibble I would have liked a back seat light – useful for when you get home after dark and need to clear out all the half eaten biscuits and other items the kids might have left behind in their wake (but hey for that price tag I reckon I could pop a spare torch in the glove box).

So maybe rear sensors and cruise control haven’t made it onto the spec sheet – but the Mirage does deliver on the really important stuff.  When it comes to safety it has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

Price point – somewhere around $16K drive away. says:  The Mirage sedan is not only one of the cheapest cars to buy, it’s one of the cheapest to run, with servicing costs about half as much as its rivals, and a fuel bill that comfortably undercuts both.

The Mirage Sedan is designed for families looking for affordability and value for money without compromising on standard features, latest technology, safety and space.  For more information visit the Mirage Sedan Showroom.

Commercial Disclosure: We were provided with the Mirage sedan to try (for the purpose of this review) for a week, as well as a small administration fee.  All views, unless stated, are my own.