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Thanks Mum {an online shop}


Thanks Mum is a online shop founded by (no surprises here) a mum.  Monica is a mum who has curated loads of ingenious products invented by parents looking to make life easier with young children.

Monica sent us a couple of products from their range – with my kids in mind.  And they are both winners.

First up is the SipSnap – an clever little silicone drink cover.  SipSnap is stretchy allowing it to retrofit any cup or glass, making it a no-brainer for travel and using when out and about visiting friends or restaurants.  Thanks Mum online shop

My 7 year old love nothing more than to settle down with a snack and a drink when it’s Friday night “movie night” but he’ll often put the drink on the floor and forget about it – only to jump up at some point and knock it over.  And milkshakes or smoothies don’t work so well in a typical drink bottle – so the SipSnap is an awesome way to ensure he can still enjoy a drink near the couch without me fussing about spills.

Also now my 10 year old has a laptop I can see the potential for water spills to cost much more than a bit of mopping up – so the SipSnap will come in handy for her too.

We tested out the SipSnap Kid – but there is also the SipSnap Tot which is a sippy cup version.  My niece is currently testing that one out – and boy do I wish we had one of those when my kids were little.. the number of times we found ourselves caught out at a cafe (or visiting friends) and had to manage the enthusiastic toddler wanting to be a big girl with the cafe glass (while her little brother dropped his toy/snack/hat from the pram) that then ended up with a messy spill and the emergency napkin run and 1000 apologies.

SipSnaps come in a box of three (including a carry case) and cost $24

Second is Re-Play division plates.  These are pretty self explanatory.

Thanks Mum online shop

Breakfast lunch and dinner can be served in these durable plates made from recycled milk cartons.  If your kids like their food “seperate” then these plates are a winner.

Re-Play plates are available in 11 different colours and cost $7

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Commercial disclosure:  all opinions are my own.