The Aviary at Watergardens Town Centre

These school holidays live Parrots, Cockatoos and Owls have taken over Watergardens – with a special aviary set up so that visitors can delight in the colourful plumes of exotic birds and learn all about our feathered friends from specialised handlers.

When:  Saturday 2 Jul to Sunday 10 Jul, 11am – 2pm

Where:  Watergardens Town Square, 399 Melton Hwy, TAYLORS LAKES

Cost: FREE, click here for details on show times and other activities

Words and photos supplied by contributor Melissa (@twolittlehumansandme) who attended the preview on behalf of Meetoo

These school holidays, The Aviary show at Watergardens Shopping Centre is one not to be missed. With the sounds of the tropical jungle filling the arena, birds of flight took to the stage and kept the audience in constant awe.

Little humans gathered to watch an array of birds take centre stage and as the trainers guided the birds to fly from one side of the gathered audience to the other, heads ducked and moved about to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures.

A particular favourite of the crowd was the Barn Owl with its sweetheart face. Little humans learnt of its hunting habits ands its ability to listen to for sounds impossible for the human ear.

Through the course of the show, the audience learnt about the dangers of poaching and the importance of keeping our birds safe and protected.

The magnificence of the MacCaw and a very clever Cockatoo captivated parents and children alike. The show itself was very well produced and highly recommended especially for children aged 4 and above.

There is an opportunity for hands-on interaction of you are lucky enough to be chosen and this is an aviary experience little humans won’t forget!