The Fairy Show CERES

The Fairy Show at CERES

The team from Dislocate bring us The Fairy Show at CERES these holidays.  Madcap acrobatics, a mystery to solve, some singing and of course fairy dust and wishes.  Silly and energetic enough to amuse even the bigger kids.

When: 10am daily until 19 January 2014.  Click here to book tickets.

Where: CERES Community Environmental Park, Stewart St BRUNSWICK EAST

Cost:  Children $15 and adults FREE


This show is recommended for children aged up to 6, however Charlie (5) and Imogen (8) joined right in with the fun and were in no hurry to leave afterwards (so our visit to CERES ended up including some playground time and a coffee from the caravan – BTW it was pretty good coffee and the kids let me have the tiniest nibble of their croissants and they were yum, see pics below).

The Fairy Show was lots of fun – the audience joined in all the hand actions and singing along (sometimes that stuff can be rather excruciating but this was cute and my two lapped it up).  The acrobatics were impressive and done with ease – and it was great to see the action up close in front of us.  The story line was sweet and the littler kids loved it – often getting very vocal when the fairies asked for help or couldn’t do something properly.

Towards the end of the performance the children are invited to follow Fairy Smart (for a very short circuit, mostly in direct view) around the back of the trees (that forms the backdrop for the ‘stage’) to reappear on the other side of the stage to get their fairy dust so they can make a wish – much to my surprise my sometimes very reluctant-to-join-in child jumped up to follow all the other children to get his fairy dust and make a wish.

The performance is about 40 minutes long – afterwards you’re invited to meet the performers and have photos taken with them if you’d like.  There are these fabulous springed persian carpets towards the back of the space for anyone who has jumping beans before, after or during the show.

I should add that as we arrived at CERES the kids asked me to remind them what we were doing, when I announced we were going to see The Fairy Show you can imagine Charlie’s (5) response:  “eeewwww YUCK, FAIRIES??!!! Muummmmm” to which I reassured him it was supposed to be okay for brothers and full of stunts – this seemed to be enough to get him down the path and that was the last complaint I heard.  Charlie admitted afterwards that it was kind of cool (although I am pretty sure he would have played up if we’d had one of his boy-friends with us).  And even though Immi (8) is well out of the recommended age bracket she secretly still enjoys being little again – even if it’s just for a moment – and so I think she was reminiscing her fairy days watching all the little 2-4 year old girls running about in their wings.


  • bring a picnic rug (or anything else to ensure you’re comfortable for 40 min) – the grass is getting pretty dry and dusty and there is no seating
  • bring snacks and drinks, hats, sunscreen (there is little to no shade)
  • your fairy wings, wiggly fingers and wiggly toes
  • bring brothers, dads and older siblings – while this show is aimed at little ones the story and the acrobatics are lots of fun and it’s pretty hard not to join and have a few laughs as well as be impressed by the stunts
  • stop and check out the progress at the CERES playground as well as visit the caravan for a coffee (near the front entrance/market area)