the play that goes wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong

Need a laugh?  The Play That Goes Wrong has arrived in Melbourne after rave reviews from London’s West End.

When:  From 22 February 2017

Where: Comedy Theatre, 240 Exhibition Street MELBOURNE

Cost:  Tickets from $89.90.  Book tickets here

Immi (11) and I were lucky enough to be invited along to the media preview of The Play That Goes Wrong – and we left the theatre with tears (of laughter) in our eyes and big grins.

This would be possibly the most absurd production I have ever been to.  Given I had read quite a bit of the media release information in the lead up to attending I have to admit I went in slightly sceptical that this production could actually live up to the hype.  But it is genuinely funny on many different levels – and like most things in life, when you are pushed to the brink of thinking there really isn’t anything more – in this situation ridiculousness and (quite frankly) stupidity – you go to a new level of enlightenment.

On face value, we were watching a play being performed by a group of completely inept and downright awful actors – but kudos to them as in the spirit of “the show must go on” they determinedly and doggedly persevered in their production of the Murder Mystery they are attempting to present… except everything that could go wrong does go wrong and then some.

There is plenty of slapstick in this production – bucket loads of it.  As I mentioned above I was slightly cynical at the outset, but I began to relax as I realised that the actors (playing the roles of terrible actors) were not only cleverly delivering lines that were wrong – their comic timing was excellent (and in some instances life preserving!).

The writing was clever – there were so many little details in the dialogue that I fear I may have even missed some as it was drowned out by the howling laughter of those sitting in front and behind me!  And to that point….

This show is like a massive laughter therapy group – the only difference is the laughter is 100% genuine.

In front of me there was a woman so beside herself she often had her head in her lap – she was howling so much.  And behind me was another woman with a most amusing laugh – she also didn’t stop.  If I wasn’t laughing at the show itself I was absolutely laughing at the audience around me… so was the show really that funny?  I couldn’t be 100% sure – but boy did we laugh… and little moments, snippets I guess, kept popping into my head today making me smile – it really was the most absurd show!

Oh and if you’re thinking of taking the kids – it’s fast paced and there are references that will go over their heads (but it’s all PG).  Immi (11) definitely kept pace with the plot (so I reckon it’s an aged 10+ kind of show) – there were a couple of cultural references she didn’t pick up, but she gave The Play That Goes Wrong a 9.5/10…. possibly the highest score she’s ever given.  She nearly fell off her seat with laughter – I would go so far as to say that she enjoyed the show more than I did. the play that goes wrong

PR blurb:

London’s biggest comedy hit, THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is now in its third sold-out year and having just enjoyed its 1000th performance in the West End, recently announced its Australian tour.

Described as Fawlty Towers meets Noises Off, this riotous theatrical disaster inflicts belly-aches and tears of laughter on its audiences. The show opens in Melbourne at the Comedy Theatre on 22nd February, two weeks before the London cast arrive at the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway with the show. The production continues to run in London, Paris, Budapest, and Rome as well as simultaneously touring the UK and Australia.

The play has won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, The Whatsonstage award for Best New Comedy and the Moliere Award in Paris for Best New Comedy.

The Australian cast includes star Brooke Satchwell.