The Shrine Family Explorer Trail July 2013

The Shrine Family Explorer Trail

These holidays get to know the Shrine better by completing the Shrine’s Family Explorer Trail – a perfect FREE city challenge aimed at school aged children.

When: School Holidays

Where: The Shrine, Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne

Cost: FREE


The kids and I road tested the Shrine’s latest school holiday Explorer Trail – Immi (7) loved it.  It was filled with problems to solve, things to discover and more – all the sorts of things that are perfect for school aged children.  Charlie (still at Kinder) was keen to participate and enjoyed the exploring bit – but he was impatient when it came to giving his sister time to stop and consider her answers – still the Shrine is the kind of venue that has space and things to look at so I entertained Charlie whilst Immi made her way through the booklet.

Don’t expect the trail to follow a particular order – it appeared that part of the puzzle was also working out which page related to what particular part of the Shrine.

Collect your Family Explorer Trail booklet inside the Shrine at the information desk – when you’ve completed it you can go in the draw to win a $50 gift voucher (to spend in the Shrine gift shop – Charlie found lots of things he wanted!).

Everyone who does the Trail receives a gift bag filled with a few goodies, like Anzac biscuits, a poster and other bits and bobs.