The Snail and the Whale

The Snail and The Whale

Tall Stories bring The Snail and the Whale to the stage at the Arts Centre Melbourne these school holidays – much to the delight of young audiences!

When: 29 June – 10 July 2016, various times.  This production runs for about 55 minutes.

Where: FAIRFAX STUDIO – Arts Centre Melbourne

Cost: $30, book tickets here.  Recommended for audiences aged 4+

Words by Sally T Ridden

Can you speak snail?  Are you constantly being told: “Maybe, when you are bigger?”.  Have you got itchy feet?

Well, little ones I am absolutely sure you will enjoy this imaginative and exciting production of The Snail and the Whale (by prize-winning best selling author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler) adapted for an audience that sometimes feels small.  Pack your rucksack kids 4yrs+ and be captivated by the inventive storytelling humorous theatrical musical adventure with electrical viola special sound effects.

Did you just see a little girl anywhere? Of course, the whole young audience chips in, aiding and abetting the little girl hiding, whilst being sought amongst the seated audience to eventually be found by her sea-faring story-tale-telling father!  Surely now there’s no time left for this tale…

Don’t worry about us little ones, we are used to the danger!  It’s noisy, there is wiggling and climbing.  Laugh and shout.  Write on the windows. Don’t watch the world go by sitting on your smooth black rock. Hitch a ride. Bounce high, hide down low.  Scream loud when you see the shark fin. Giggle and get a tickle. Squirt and duck from the fire brigade. Kick those legs with enthusiasm and excitement.  Lie under the warm sun on pirate sun-lounges. Learn a penguin dance. Stand on the protective platform from the proclaimed rubbish volcano. Be a ninja crab (or tuna sandwich).  Yep, sheer madness!

(*A note for those with much younger siblings or sitting next to a family with, around the 35 minute mark (show runs for 55 minutes) their attention span was exhausted and senses overloaded)

Bravo! A standing ovation for the Tall Stories team. Truly a beautiful show not to be missed.  I can see my sons mind ticking over as the show concluded, already imagining his own storytelling chapter to the snail who save’s the humpback whale.

And remember… if you just close your eyes and hug “Speedy” it’s almost like I am there! Aye aye captain.