the unbelievables

The Unbelievables – Arts Centre Melbourne

This is a show that lives up to it’s name… these performers are indeed The Unbelievables – from dance, singing, magic, acrobatic, comedy, artistry and more; we were entertained for a solid two hours.

When: until 13 January 2018, 3pm and 7pm.

Where: Hamer Hall, The Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE

Cost: from $49 – $120, book now:

The Unbelievables

The Unbelievables MC Harrison Greenbaum quickly charmed us with his self depricating wit and cheeky interaction with audience members.  I am not a huge fan of being told to clap louder at the opening of a show, but Harrison manage to razz up the audience vibe to fever pitch at the outset of the show, setting the mood for the next two and a bit hours.

I wont give too much away as this is one of those shows you just have to go and see.  The kids and I struggled to choose a favourite performance of the night; all were terrific and within their own right among the best we have ever seen.  To have such a range of talents on one stage is a treat – it was like an old school royal variety performance meets vegas style show.  We rarely had a moment to draw breath before the next performance dazzled.

Highlights included: ballroom dancing, magic, comedy, fantastic acrobatics, fabulous live music and vocals, a sand artist, a ventrilquist, a sword swallower, a juggler and quick change illusionists.

The performance is two hours, not including the 20 minute interval.  The majority of the acts take place in the first half of the show – by interval our brains were overwhelmed with everything we had witnessed.

I would recommend this production for ages 8+ due to its length and the sword swallowing.  Also worth noting. some of the humour goes over the kids heads, and I suspect for younger children this would be even more so.  Immi (12) and Charlie (9) picked up about 75% of the jokes and they absolutely loved The Unbelievables.