tip top tours

Tip Top Tours

Visiting Melbourne and want to know some cool spots to go?  The guys at Tip Top Tours will take you to all the sweet places, along with some of the experiences Melbourne is famous for.

When: Regular weekend tours and by appointment, visit the website for more information.

Cost: tours start at $49

So I think I know Melbourne pretty well… I used to live in St Kilda Road, I worked in the CBD until Immi was born and it feels like we are in town every other week for some sort of Meetoo adventure!  But the guys at Tip Top Tours not only know Melbourne like a local, they are genuinely excited to take that passion and local knowledge to the next level.

A friend and I went on an adventure in our home town and discovered a number of new venues that we can’t wait to have an excuse to return back to for another visit, thanks to Jimmy from Tip Top Tours for a fun 2.5 hours exploring laneways and enjoying some decadent treats along the way.

The tour we were invited to try was the desserts tour (there is also a Melbourne chocolate tour, a bar tour and a food tour).  My tip if you are taking the kids is to actually feed them a light lunch beforehand – while we did sample sweet treats along the way, it was drip fed – so I can imagine if my two were hungry and had to wait another 15 minutes for the next sample (whilst surrounded by, for example, chocolates in Ganache) it could  be fraught with some impatience combined with a small sugar high.  Also, everything we ate was a desert, so not the healthiest of lunches!

All up the tour runs for about 2.5 hours – it’s a pretty relaxed pace with plenty of time to ask questions and talk about things in detail.  The kids will enjoy the stops just as much as the grown-ups as there are plenty of tastes of (and some full sized) treats along the way – and it’s an easy walk.  We also stopped to take in some local sights and very lightly dusted over some local facts.  There are two points where you get an opportunity to sit down – about 1/3 of the way into the tour (we stopped at Ganache for a mini hot chocolate and chocolates) and then at our last stop for the day (we stopped at Dex2Rose – a nitrogen ice cream parlour which the kids are begging me to take them back to!).

During the tour we each had:

  • 1 mini cupcake
  • part of a waffle
  • a mini hot chocolate and two chocolates
  • some more chocolates
  • a Vietnamese coffee
  • a macaron
  • an ice cream

So do you need to be a tourist to go on this tour – absolutely not!  If you had some out of town guests and felt weird about going on a tour in your hometown then you could use them as your cover – but my friend and I had a ball playing tourists and we discovered some new hidden gems that I am excited to find an excuse to go back to.

Thanks Tip Top Tours for inviting us along to join your dessert tour!