The Trash Test Dummies become the SPLASH Test Dummies!

The Trash Test Dummies become the SPLASH Test Dummies!

Show us your mussels! You know everybody’s relying on you. Sure, we’ll save you!  Welcome to the world of the Splash Test Dummies  (by Trash Test Dummies).

When: 1pm, Saturday 31 March – Sunday 15 April (Shows every day except Wednesday 11th April)
Where: Melbourne Town Hall – Lower Town Hall, Swantston Street, Melbourne
Cost: $20-25, click here to book

Thank you, Sally T Ridden and mini reviewers for visiting on behalf of Meetoo and sharing this excellent review.

When booking used the code SPLASH for 2:1 ticket prices until this Friday!

Guess what, for the next hour you and only you are going to be getting wet, very wet by every possible water weapon ever thought to have existed and yes it’s just you, only you. No-one else in the audience.  Why?!  Well you are sitting in the official Splash Zone. Spray it don’t say it! The dummies are about to drown in your tears of wet and wild laughter with this new immersive aquatic adventure.

Critically acclaimed circus trio Jack Coleman, Jamie Bretman and Simon Wright are three lifeguards out to save you throughout their trademark blend of slapstick side-splitting circus, acrobatic, juggling, stunt work and imaginative comedy – Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the kids at its best.

By blurring the lines of possible and impossible they have the kids jumping on the edge of their seats throughout the 60 minute performance, suitable for families of all ages.

Recognizable songs set each scene:- Baywatch theme song, The Beatles – Octopus’s Garden, Sesame Street’s muppet Ernie’s – Rubber Ducky, Right Said Fred – I’m too Sexy.

From the beach to giant beach volleyball, to uni-cycles for synchronized peg-nosed underwater swimming whilst also skipping causing the kids in the audience to spontaneously call out “How do they do that?!”.  Incredible magic mouth tricks and body-waves with yellow plastic ping-pong balls, pool noodles serving as fish, crabs, handles to free-styling waterskiing.  An extendable shower curtain, silver ringed deep-sea scuba diving masks,  heavy yellow chains and a whirlpool plug-hole, a huge bubble machine and a bath time showcasing painful side-splitting elongated limbs and even an abstract operatic puppet light show featuring deep-sea diving.

Anything is possible. It’s a pity when it’s all over, a double pity in fact as the kids were totally taken on an epic splash-tastic aquatic adventure.

‘What tha! How did they do that?!’ Oisin (7yrs) ★★★★★

‘I want to see that again, tomorrow’ Dexter (6yrs) ★★★★★

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