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Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family at Scienceworks is a computer-generated sensory experiences that allows even a toddlers small hands the opportunity to enlarge digital dinosaurs providing insight into myths, facts and previously untold stories behind the lives of the tyrannosaur family.  This exhibit is not to be missed by dino fans of all ages.

When: Saturday 23 May – Sunday 4 October 2015, 10.00am – 4.30pm 

Where: Scienceworks, 2 Booker Street, SPOTSWOOD

Cost: Adult $22 | Child $8 | Concession $9 | General entry to Scienceworks included

Thank you to guest poster Sally T. Ridden for these fabulous words 

We roared at the opportunity to stomp into Scienceworks for a captivating exhibition that showcased the world’s top predators, the most famous and terrifying member of the Tyrannosaurs family – the mighty T. rex!  Could life get any better for my little 3.5 year old toddlersaurus; an opportunity to meet the diverse family of meat-eating dinosaurs, revealed to have come in all shapes and sizes.  Including Dilong, the tiny ’emperor dragon’ with a skeleton just one metre long.

Captivated, we stood next to Scotty the Tyrannosaurus, a 5 metre high and 11 metre long skeleton and its shadow projecting movement on the wall, whilst the skeleton itself stayed still. We discovered the Guanlong wucaii, or ‘crown dragon’ – the newly discovered feathery relative that confirms the modern day birds’ evolutionary link to dinosaurs. We looked up and into the powerful jaws full of bone-crunching teeth of massive skulls on the wall and viewed a range of fossil specimens.

Computer-generated sensory experiences allow visitors to tap on tablet screens.  These innovative interactive multimedia screens allow even the small hands of toddlers a reality experience, enlarging dinosaurs brought to life.  The touch screens also provide insights into myths, facts and previously untold stories behind the lives of the tyrannosaur family.

Follow the dinosaur footprint light projections throughout the whole exhibit. Test your arm strength against that of a Tyrannosaurus rex mouth with an interactive Bite Force screen and squeeze handle. Walk alongside large-scale immersive colourful projections and sounds of tyrannosaurs as they run through the local suburb Spotswood and its waterways through a darkened corridor, highlighting day and night activity (possibly a more familiar Melbourne landmark would work better for this projection, just a thought) .

My son and his friend have not stopped talking about the dinosaurs since we left. Who says dinosaurs are extinct?  Race home and check your pet birds for any relation to the dinosaurs. They are now so real thanks to Scienceworks. The visit has refuelled our imaginations and dinosaur curiosity.  All the dino themed toys have been lined up, and the roaring, stomping and chomping continues at home.

Sally’s notes:

Phone 13 11 02 or book online

Scienceworks will host an exciting array of public programs complementing the exhibition

Dinosaur themed winter and spring school holiday activities,

Family Science Nights with after-hours exhibition viewing.

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family is an exhibition developed and toured by the Australian Museum.