Vjunior – a cinema for kids

Families love to go to the movies, so it makes perfect sense that cinemas should cater to the needs of their junior patrons… and Vjunior is championing the way!

Where:  Village Cinemas Southland

Cost:  Adult $24.50, child $19, family of 4 $64.  Book now

Just recently I took two 8-year-old boys to a kids movie and between the two of them we encountered the following:

  • one was complaining that it was too loud (thank goodness fingers fit in ears I said to no one, as they couldn’t hear me),
  • one dropped their drink bottle under the chair and I had to find my phone in the depths of my Bermuda triangle of a handbag to shine some light under our seats to find it as it rolled out of reach and we couldn’t see a thing,
  • one got a bit wiggly about an hour into the film,
  • one needed to go to the toilet about 5 minutes before the end (argh kill me), and
  • don’t get me started on the 20 minutes of adverts before the film even started where we had too much time to think about what soft drinks we didn’t have but everyone else had.

While movie going is one of our favourite pastimes, cinemas haven’t really evolved to cater for younger kids – beyond offering booster seats and a candy bar (insert slightly sarcastic tone).  Until now!

Village Cinemas has just launched Australia’s First Kids Concept Cinema, a cinema for kids, designed by kids; Vjunior.

In partnership with one of the world’s leading toy brands, Mattel’s Hot Wheels, the cinema combines two things that children love – movies and play. The concept was designed to extend the cinema experience by inviting guests to arrive up to an hour before their session begins to enjoy an interactive play area. Activities include building block-walls, light projection games, Hot Wheels activity tables and more.  Also, children’s artwork creations come to life on the big screen through custom built interactive scan and see technology.

Inside the cinema some of the features include:

  • a slide to encourage play time, plus an interactive floor down the front that invites kids to jump around popping animated popcorn
  • a range of seating options available, from custom-fit bean bag seats and lounges for the kids to more traditional seating for the parents
  • modified volumes and lighting levels
  • a shorter pre-show, and
  • an intermission allowing for additional socialising, snack and bathroom breaks.

Also worth noting, a new kid’s menu is available, accompanied by a coffee cart for parents.

Immi (11) and Charlie (8) both gave this new cinema experience a massive thumbs up (and both want their birthday parties here!).  It was a full house on the opening night – but Charlie still managed four turns on the slide during intermission.

So tickets to see a movie inVjunior are a little more pricey – but if you get the family ticket option it’s the same cost as four kids tickets to the regular cinema.