Wallace + Gromit and friends

Wallace + Gromit and friends: The Magic of Aardman {ACMI}

Wallace + Gromit and friends: The Magic of Aardman is an amazing exhibition of the work from the team behind the Oscar-winning studio brimming with creativity.

When: 29 June – 29 January 2018

Where:  ACMI, Federation Square MELBOURNE

Cost: Adult $24, child $15.  Click here for more details and to book.

It’s been over 40 years since two 12-year-olds sold their first animation to the BBC…. and today they (being David Sproxton and Peter Lord) spoke at the media launch for Wallace + Gromit and friends.  We had a small insight into the quantity of work that goes into each of the Aardman creations as they spoke of the copious sketches, working models and plot lines that happen behind the scenes – so much so that there were works in the exhibition that they themselves had never seen before either!

You will find all the favourite Aardman characters in Wallace + Gromit and friends – from Aardman himself (the superhero the two boys drew in their first animation), Morph, Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run, The Pirates! Band of Misfits and more.  The exhibition includes 350 objects including artworks, concept drawings, storyboards, puppets, models and set.

This exhibition is highly visual – while there are a few information panels scattered throughout – the visitor is invited to watch, inspect and participate.

The models and sets are just spectacular – the detail is mind boggling.  Most of the sets are doll house size and every object in the room is a work of art – to see it in real life is to truly appreciate the level of work and detail.  I could have stood for hours soaking up all the detail.

Along with the sets and models are fabulous working sketches that show the thinking and planning that goes into a scene – passion for detail in the Aardman animation studios is incredible.

And of course, there are plenty of screens looping clips showing the final product that all the supporting items played a part in creating – these clips are short and sweet; from 10 seconds to about 2 minutes, so perfect for a short attention span.

For those who feel inspired there is a workspace set up at the back of the exhibition where you can make your own clay model and create your own stop motion clip – I know my kids will love this!

Not only are some of the original works on display alongside the blockbuster favourites, we are also given a sneak peek into the next feature film Early Man due for release in 2018.

ACMI is Australia’s third most popular cultural institution (after the NGV and Melbourne Museum – go Melbourne!) and it is the most visited dedicated screen and moving image centre in the world.Wallace + Gromit and friends