Websites to check out

Websites to check out

There are loads of fantastic sites out there brimming with information and/or fun!  Here are a few of my favourites:

Teach Your Monster To Read – a fun interactive game for pre and junior schoolers.. my two monsters love this, and the voice is Brit Simon Farnaby.  Oh and it’s free.

Luvaville – it’s good to dream… dream about globe-trotting with kids (the dream without them sounds much less stressful, but then not sure if I’d cope leaving them for more than a week).  Luvaville is a website that lists all the cool things to do and see with kids around the world, and it features yours truly….

Planning with kids – an inspiring blog written by a mother of five.. she’s super organised, and shares her tips for smooth sailing and sanity… how does she make it all looks so possible!?

The Design Files – keep up with Melbourne’s designer set.. everything cool, hip and happening – and so nice to look at too.

Tiny & Little Magazine – there are so many online magazines dedicated to kids and parenting that one can be forgiven if their eyes are rolling back into their head with information overload… but Tiny & Little is different… the images are calming and beautiful, there aren’t too many words – and the words that are there are considered and full of wisdom.  And it’s free and Melbourne grown.

La Petit Magazine – childhood is ridiculously stylised and turned into a piece of collectors artwork in this online mag… but it is fabulous to look at, even if sometimes bordering risqué.. naturally it’s from overseas.

Eat Drink Chic – I forget how I found this blog… but it’s quirky, frivolous and gorgeous.  Feeling flat and uninspired – scroll through EDC and you’re sure to be elevated 🙂

Growing Up Creative – perhaps I like to check out this blog as it’s quite simple and very honest… and well even though they live on the other side of the world (initially New York, now Israel) it’s kind of a window into every day family life with a design bent.

Pintrest – I was hopelessly addicted to this site when I first came across it in early 2011.. I am now able to walk away – but have to say it’s an awesome little service and I should probably make more use of it in my daily life!  Anyway if I ever see anything good for the kids to do I try and pin it here…

Bucket List Publications – Lesley is a girl who likes to travel.. seems she’s been everywhere and done everything.. her adventures are about to get interesting.. she just had baby #1

Toddler Tucker – Melbourne mum Kim recognised a need for home delivered, home cooked meals for toddlers of the highest nutritional standards.  Apparently the rest of the family has been known to also tuck in  🙂