Do you have a bucket list?

What’s on your bucket list?

One of my top travel tips is to have a bucket list.

My travel bucket list includes ten countries I am determined to visit someday… I actually have more than ten on my list, but the ones I am sharing with you below are the places I haven’t been to before.  

Do you have a dream list of places to visit?  It’s pretty hard to dream about your future imagined travels if you don’t have a list of places you desperately want to explore.

One of the best motivators for travel is to have a bucket list.  It sounds a bit naff, but without a list you can’t dream and you definitely can’t plan. 

With a list in mind you can begin researching (I love setting up private Pinterest boards to collate all sorts of information about my dream destinations); I like to imagine that should a lucky lotto ticket come blowing down the street I am travel ready.  That or when I have saved up I can finally tick the first one off my list.

Here is my top ten places I dream about visiting and why.

Top travel tip Vietnam

Vietnam.  My sister in law moved to Australia from Vietnam as a child and so I can’t wait to experience Vietnam and share my niece’s culture with her cousins (aka my kids).  Vietnam neighbours Cambodia where our World Vision sponsor child lives.. and if we ever had the opportunity to visit her community it would be an amazing life experience.

Top travel tip Japan

Japan.  Back in my 20’s I had a friend who was mad for Japan – his travel stories combined with the lure of amazing skiing, a beautiful culture and Disneyland Tokyo means that Japan rates highly on my bucket list (did I mention my kids love sushi?).  I also want to stay at that Hello Kitty Hotel (mum if you’re reading this stop rolling your eyes).

Top travel tip South Africa

South Africa.  Part of me is desperate to visit SA – but then my mother has also campaigned hard to put the fear of god into me regarding my SA dreams.  There is definitely a very scary side to SA but then there is that juxtaposing beauty…. I am torn but I have a beautiful friend there and he is a hop skip and jump from the wildlife safari’s which would be a “pinch me” moment for both the kids and myself.

Top travel tip New York

New York.  Okay this isn’t a country but let’s not focus too much on the details.  I am pretty confident that New York would be an easy place for me to visit..  loads of galleries, live shows, shopping and food (it’s basically Melbourne on steroids right?!).  I am a bit worried we may never come back…

Denmark.  About ten years ago dad investigated our family tree – turns out my great grandfather came from Denmark for the Bendigo gold rush.  Our name was actually Nielson but for some reason that was too hard to pronounce so they changed it to Nelson.  Anyways I’m 1/16 dane so I figure I should go and find one of my genetic hubs and see if everyone there is just like me.  Maybe Princess Mary might be up for a coffee and a kids playdate.

Croatia.  This one is on the list due to pure envy.  Yet another friend has been posting their holiday snaps with that incredible coastline and blue sky and water.  While it’s a bonus to have heavenly waters to swim in, the architecture and history is also pretty special so it’s a win win.

Top travel tip IrelandIreland.  The other 15/16 of my gene pool comes from the bogs of southern Ireland, so I reckon it’s about time we went and kissed the Blarney Stone and let the kids try out some Irish dancing. 

Dubai.  I have a cousin who built quite a few buildings in new Dubai about 10 years ago.  There is something mysterious about Dubai – maybe I’ll love it or maybe I’ll hate it, but I’d definitely love to check it out for myself.. and that crazy waterslide park would be something the kids would never forget. Top travel tip Dubai Ever.

Chile.  My bestie from prep moved to Chile and it would be lovely to spend time with her and get a local perspective of a foreign land.  I’ve never been to South America so this would be an amazing opportunity.

China.  A friends has been living in Beijing for over ten years and she’s given up on inviting me… but it’s still on my bucket list.  So if you’re reading this Alex you’ve not been forgotten. 

Where do you dream of visiting that you’ve never been to before?  What else should I include on my list?  (I was thinking Turkey and I reckon it would be pretty cool to visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden…. and I could just keep going)

Taken on a flight from NZ to Australia

And to my friends who live in Canada, UK and France – naturally I am desperate to come visit you too, but this list was my bucket list of places I haven’t been too yet.

Photo credits: Some photos used in this post were taken from the Virgin Australia website