Hank Marvin southside trailer park and farmers market

Who is Hank Marvin?

Hank Marvin isn’t a who it’s a what… Hank Marvin is part farmers market, part food truck park – deriving its name from the rhyming cockney slang for “I’m starvin”.  And that’s one thing you won’t be when you leave!

When:  Every Saturday from 9am – 3pm

Where:  Alma Park, EAST ST KILDA (closest to Dandenong Rd end)

Cost: entry to Hank Marvin is FREE

Get your hands on all sorts of fresh produce and delectables, kick back and enjoy the DJ playing some tunes, grab a picnic rug or a spot in the mess hall and let the kids run about.  This is a market with a very chilled and hip vibe.  It even has a bar (although we turned up at 9am so it was a tad early for me.. however had it not been early August and instead a summers afternoon it would have been a different story!).

I should point out that I have only taken a small snapshot of Hank Marvin with my photo’s –  there were about 30 or so food trucks and about 10 farmers stalls, as well as the bar, coffee and atmospheric touches.

For more details visit http://www.hankmarvin.com.au/