Williamstown Beach

Williamstown along the foreshore

Williamstown’s foreshore area is a great spot for a family bike ride, picnic, walk, BBQ, swim and more.  Catch the train to the end of the line or load up the car – it’s an easy drive and almost like a mini holiday.

Where:  See map.


Along the coast from Newport to Altona is a series of paths that make a great trip for families.  Some spots the paths are gravel so more suited to bikes and walking (as opposed to scooters).  Starting at The Pint of Milk in Newport and finishing up at the Williamstown Beach is approximately a 30 minute ride.  Travel onto the Altona Coastal Park and it’s another 30 minutes.  Click on the map below to go to Google Maps to personally plan your trip.

Bike paths from Newport to Altona along the coast

Bike paths from Newport to Altona along the coast, Google Maps

As you make your way from point A to point C (on the map above) you will get to see tankers, large ships, fishermen and the city skyline.  If you are arriving on the train you will start at point C – and if you are riding with little ones this is probably a good spot to park the car (near point C) and begin your ride heading towards D and E.

(Point C) Point Gellibrand Costal Heritage Park to (Point D) Gloucester Reserve: 10 minutes

Gellibrand Park is a great little picnic and BBQ spot with playground.  Located next to the Williamstown Oval (so probably a busy spot on football and cricket match days) and a 10 minute bike ride onto the Williamstown Beach and Gloucester Reserve.  This path is dotted with playgrounds and picnic areas.

Williamstown Beach on a warm day is a wonderful beach for paddling and building sand castles.  On a hot day sand space is almost as hard to get as a car spot near the beach – we’ve been with friends on a hot weekend afternoon and it was almost like Bondi Beach on New Years Day (okay maybe slight over exaggeration!).

Also recommended is the path onto Altona Coastal Park and Cherry Lake – this native grassland area is populated with wildlife and is a pretty flat bike/walking track which also includes some boardwalk sections of track.