What are we all about?

Welcome to Meetoo

We love checking out what’s happening around Melbourne; exploring things that are enjoyable for all the family, and when we find good stuff, well, we have to share.

From toddlers through to tweens we are constantly growing our reviews.

Where did the name come from?  This has been one of my sons favourite catch phrases from the age of one to four – when we mentioned we were going anywhere or doing anything he’d be jumping up and down calling out “me too me too meetoo”.  As if we could forget him  🙂

Have you got something you love that hasn’t been reviewed yet, noticed an area we need to build on or just want to share something?  Please send an email to info@meetoo.com.au or feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of any of our reviews – we love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Cheers and welcome to Meetoo,

Kate and the mini reviewers

Welcome to Meetoo

 A note about Commercial Disclosure

When I first started Meetoo I was paying my way completely – however as Meetoo’s reputation has grown we are increasingly invited to events, shows and venues to come try things out (I should add that we don’t get/expect freebies for everything!).   Even if we are given tickets to a show or event there is never an expectation that I would publish a review in exchange for the tickets.  All views are always my own – I try to convey honestly our reactions and experiences.  On the odd occasion we have a really bad experience then I don’t publish a review – Meetoo is not about giving bad reviews, we appreciate that sometimes things go wrong or someone has a bad day (including us!).

While I am at it here’s my privacy policy too (for anyone entering one of our competitions!).


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