Thank you - it's been a blast

Thank you – it’s been a blast

Now that same kid is turning 16. And his big sister will be 19 later this year and is {as I type this} halfway through her first year of uni and a part time job. And Meetoo adventures feel like a long time ago all of a sudden.

And I look at my Instagram feed and my blog and realise, it’s actually been awhile since we’ve been “meetoo-ing”. Covid and my year of cancer really unofficially ended things, but added to that the mini reviewers are now bigger than me and all three of us have different priorities. It was so sweet while it lasted, and so many memories were made – I acutally can’t quite believe some of the crazy amazing things we go to do, and I am so incredibly grateful, humbled, and quite sad that it really is over. But it has been for about 3 years… I just wasn’t quite ready to say it out loud here!

So thank you for making all of this possible. From all the amazing PR peeps who have invited us to things and looked after us over the years, to my fab web host Wholehearted, and all those who have contributed as writers over the years: Thuy, Sally, Fiona, Nathan, Nat, Anna, Alli, Jill, Carla, Erica, Lauren and Mel. A heartfelt thank you to all the creatives and venues who hosted us so generously over the years, to all the friends I made along the way and all the things I’ve learnt that opened new doors and possibilities for me. It’s corny, but I feel blessed.

It’s been a blast, and hard to let go ❤️


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