Vuly Play

Vuly Play – Australia’s leading trampolines and playground equipment

We love Aussie innovations and design. Vuly Play is an Australian owned business that has been kicking goals all over the world!

We were recently sent a Vuly Ultra Trampoline in medium size.  The main parts of the trampoline were delivered in four big boxes and Immi (14) and myself built it in just over 1.5 hours.  The excitement was palpable!

July playI grew up with old-school “arm breaker” trampolines and as a kid I spent HOURS bouncing on ours, friends and neighbours trampolines… even totally uncoordinated me could do some flips and fancy moves (these days I can manage a sit jump, lol).  So I appreciate the joy jumping about brings – with friends or even alone.  And back when the kids were small we did have a trampoline – but my budget at the time didn’t stretch to anything fancy; it really bothered me that it was inferior in quality and safety and I was glad to see it off onto the hard-rubbish pile a couple of years ago. (You know what they say about cheap things actually costing more, that was definitely one of those cases).

The kids however have really missed it. Like every birthday and Christmas, it’s at the top of their list. And so when Vuly reached out it was a unanimous hard YES from us! Not only is the quality exceptional (check out their testing processes alone!) but the medium-sized Ultra is fantastic for teen sized kids (I know the rules say only one person should jump at a time, but really there is plenty of room for the two of them).

With COVID in our lives just making getting out and about in Melbourne impossible (and lockdown life, in general, being blahh) having a play space at home is a game-changer.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to welcome our friends over to hang out  – and so with that in mind, we set the trampoline up in our front yard so that the kid’s friends can come and go without needing to traipse through the house.

vuly playVuly Play is a favourite Australian designer of backyard play equipment. From trampolines to custom swing set frames and premium monkey bars, Vuly is at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation.

Disclaimer: Meetoo was gifted a Vuly Ultra trampoline in size medium.  All views are my own, all details were correct at time of publishing.