WWF Antarctic Journey at The Nobbies

WWF-Australia and Phillip Island Nature Parks have partnered to bring a very unique and interactive exhibit, Antarctic Journey, celebrating and exploring the wonderful world of the southern ocean.

When:  Daily during Summer: 10am – approx. 7.30pm, Autumn: 10am – approx. 5pm, Winter: 10am – approx. 4pm, Spring: 10am – approx. 6pm

Where:  The Nobbies Ocean Discovery Centre, 1320 Ventor Road SUMMERLANDS

Cost: $18 to enter the lower levels (ground level is FREE) book here.

This is Australia’s first attraction to be presented by the WWF (the world’s largest independent conservation organisation).  Immerse yourself into the sights, sounds, and feel of Antarctica – take an Antarctic Journey.

There is a wonderful level of detail to this exhibition – paired with plenty of interactive elements, making this exhibition a space that will both delight adult and child alike.

The first level of the Antartic Journey is THE LAB – a space to learn, investigate and explore the lives of the animals of the southern ocean.  There are some creatures I am happy to not know about (80cm sea spider anyone!) and others I learnt a great deal more about.

As I pondered the impact of civilisation on the southern ocean the kids were busy exploring the physics behind a seals ability to dive and a whale’s ability to float.

While the kids literally chilled out in the “chill zone” – a room that emulates the temperatures of the Antarctic – I was able to discover that seabirds are literally starving as they fill their stomachs with our rubbish floating on the oceans surface.  Other interactive favourites included the dinner table game that invited everyone to select a seafood dinner – and then reveal the different impacts different meals had on ocean life as a result.  The kids also loved seeing their bodies under infrared camera – showing how much heat they were losing – compared to an emperor penguin.

The second level down is the heart of the ANTARCTIC JOURNEY.  Here it is all about immersing yourself into the landscape – both below and above water.  Everywhere you turn there is cinema sized screens filled with stunning scenery from the Antarctic, coupled with a wonderful soundscape.

The crowning glory of the whole experience is the Augmented Reality Experience featuring whales, seals and penguins – in a way that makes it appear you are indeed up close and personal.  I took some footage for Instagram during our preview (we had access before the exhibition was fully functional and open to the public) but when the exhibition is officially opened the Augmented Reality is automatically captured for you and sent to you as a video clip (so you don’t need to hover awkwardly with your iPhone during the experience!).  The kids spent ages both interacting with the wildlife and jumping off the iceberg into the water – I suspect during busy periods this experience will be managed so that each visitor has a turn.

I am so excited by this new addition to The Nobbies.  Such an amazing spot in the world deserves to have a quality attraction like Antarctic Journey.  And while you are there make sure you talk a walk along the cliffside boardwalk.  It is simply breathtaking.  No words.