Barbie Find Your Style

Barbie Find Your Style

If you’re even just a mild Barbie fan this is sure to inspire – a display of vintage and current designer outfit wearing Barbies along with a chance to style one of six Barbies that you then take home.

When:  Until Saturday 3 October, various times – click here for more details.

Where: Outside David Jones on the Ground Floor at Chadstone Shopping Centre, CHADSTONE

Cost: $20 to style your doll and have a mini makeover (the exhibition is free)

I love a bit of Barbie dressing and play (the rest of the merchandise and the movies – well my kids love that, but meh).  This event is special as the different dolls you can choose from are a great mix of hair colours and facial features (offering a little more diversity than our very Aryan collection at home).  I was interested to see my kids bypass the blonde option for some brunettes and a black hair Barbie (small happy dance on the inside).

Once you’ve chosen your doll (oh and note there are two dolls who have flat feet so can wear flat shoes) you then have to choose an outfit.. dresses, pants, skirts, tops, jackets and shoes all have to be considered.  I honestly thought Charlie would baulk at the idea – but he embraced it… I guess having a big sister means he’s played a lot of Barbies over the years.

While your doll is being assembled (inside the big box) there are plenty of things to do – have your nails decorated, hair accessorised and some colouring in as well.

My favourite was the exhibition of designer styled dolls… it was like a mini red carpet at the Oscars!  So beautiful.

If the queues this morning were anything to go by I would expect a bit of a wait.  But with a cafe next door and plenty to look at nearby it shouldn’t be too arduous!

Barbie Find Your Style is for any age – don’t assume only six-year-old girls will be up for it…