Churchill Island Heritage Farm {Phillip Island}

Churchill Island is a small Island just off Phillip Island – in fact it’s so close that when the tide is out it’s kind of an extension of Phillip Island.

When: 10am – 5pm daily, demonstrations generally happen from 1 – 3.30pm

Where: 246 Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island, NEWHAVEN

Cost:  Adult (16 years+) – $12.25, Child (4-15 years) – $6.15, Family (2 adults and 2 children) – $30.65, bundle together more than one Phillip Island attraction and get discounts, click here for more details

You can just visit Churchill Island’s visitor centre and enjoy a meal or snack at the cafe (I highly rate the hamburger!) without paying the entry fee into the Farm itself.  And the gift shop at the entrance is like my kids version of fly paper (you know that paper that flies feet sticks to?).

But beyond the gift shop and cafe are the original farm house and surrounding buildings set in a lovely garden.  The kids love exploring (and this was our third visit) the insides of the old house, trying their hand at pumping the water, visiting all the different animals and taking in a couple of demonstrations.

It’s a fairly simple experience (ie don’t expect Sovereign Hill) but the staff are enthusiastic and the setting is beautiful.  Pack a picnic and spend the day enjoying the view of the water and plenty of space to run about – or just drop in for a few hours as part of your Phillip Island adventures.

Our lunch followed by exploring equalled about two hours – but I am sure if we were with some friends we could have stayed much longer!