Clay Ridge {Peninsula Hot Springs}

Clay Ridge {Peninsula Hot Springs}

Clay Ridge is a unique add-on experience that is indulgent, detoxifying and definitely a little different!

When: Families can join in the fun during the 8am and 9am sessions (as after 10am children under 16 aren’t able to access this section of the Hot Springs) until 17 APRIL.

Where:  Peninsula Hot Springs, Springs Lane FINGAL

Cost: The Clay Ridge experience is $30/person, this is on top of the entry to the Springs (entry is $45/adult, $30/child).  For more details and to book visit the website.

I love visiting the Peninsula Hot Springs (both with and without the kids – either is always lovely) and so we jumped at the chance to try out their new experience called Clay Ridge.  Clay Ridge is a new purpose built area that is located outdoors along one of the paths that wind up to the hilltop spas (after 10am this becomes an adults only area).

Applying the clay to our skins on a hot summers morning was definitely cooling – and it was fun to play with the four different colours to create patterns all over our bodies.

The kids were quick to jump in and begin applying the clay to their own bodies – but soon realised that there were many spots that were too hard to reach and so they began painting each other.  They especially enjoyed painting their parents (I ended up with a rather special face design).

Our “clay master” told us about the benefits of the different clays – and recommended which ones were more gentle for our faces etc… but he failed to tell us we could apply the clay with our hands and so I feel like perhaps we missed out on a slightly more tactile experience (and may have more quickly covered our bodies!) and I am pretty sure the boys would’ve enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to use their hands!

As with many things (at least in my case this often happens) as I stood back and watched for the first five or so minutes I was a bit slow to get started and the kids were flying through the exercise and desperate to get onto the business of exploring the pools and sharing the hot springs with our friends who had never been… so my only quibble about doing this with the kids was they rushed us (maybe I should have pre-empted this and briefed them that I wanted a full 45min!).  All up we had about 30 minutes of painting and then had a hasty wash off to catch up with the kids.

After we had scrubbed off the clay (under the outdoor showers with the towels provided) we headed back into the Hot Springs and spent the next 3.5 hours getting our mineral fix.  Completely waterlogged and blissed out we dragged ourselves out of the pools (that business of lunch was the only motivation we could use to get the kids to give up the water) and headed home.

Thank you Peninsula Hot Springs for a gorgeous day!

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