Get down low and go go go

Do your children love fire engines??  I know, silly question.  

Here is an activity I highly recommend for kids big and small (but especially the small ones) – attending the fire safety display at the MFB – Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board.  

Charlie and I recently checked out the FREE weekly demonstration at the East Melbourne Headquarters, held at 10.30am every Friday – bookings essential 9662 2311 (click here to check times at other depo’s).  The whole activity takes roughly over 30 minutes.

The display included the crew arriving in a fire engine (yes sirens going!) the use of the jaws of life, more sirens, a rescue up/down a lader and a couple of resuscitations.  While all the action was happening we were told (via a slightly dodgy PA system) what was going on and our MC also asked questions of some of the kids in the audience and gave us a few safety tips.

After the demonstration the real fun began – children got to dress up in the mini MFB uniforms (so cute!) and then climb aboard the fire engine.  They could also take turns in holding a hose to ‘put out’ a pretend fire (thankfully the firefighter was also holding the hose or I reckon with Charlie’s track record I would have copped a soaking!).  And, I know some mums will be happy to hear this, there were a lot of firefighters milling about eager to help, answer questions and/or pose in photo’s.

And if that wasn’t enough we entered and exited via the garage which was full of fire engines.  While Charlie is still completely digger/construction mad it is nice that he’s diversifying and now also has an interest in fire engines… thanks to our morning at the MFB.  And I have a fantastic picture for the 21st album!



NB I didn’t see it while we were there, but my friend Tracy mentioned there is a shop on site and you can purchase kids firefighter hats to take home…