NICA - Circus School

NICA – Circus School

Got yourself some little or big monkeys?  Send them to Circus School!

Best case: you might get to tour the world with Circ de Soleil, at the very least your energizer bunnies will have run off some energy and will feel totally pumped they can do some cool tricks.

Where:  National Institute of Circus Arts, 41 Green Street, Prahran.  Click here for map.

When:  During school term, school holiday programs and a trial day each school holidays – for people interested but not sure if it’s for them.  Click here for class times.

Cost:  For 5 years plus, starts at $225/term (works out at about $20/week).


I took Immi (6) and her friend along for a trial session on the trial day during the September school holidays.  Immi was a little hesitant – her friend was gung-ho converted from the moment we arrived… she’s still mentioning it to me when I see her in the playground a month later.  Immi did warm up about a third of the way into the hour-long class and once she did there was no stopping her!

For the moment Immi has her weekly gymnastics class with a group of girlfriends – but at some point these classes may no longer be relevant for her (she’s not a tiny waif and once gymnastics gets into serious competition training mode I suspect she might lose some enthusiasm – I hope I am wrong, but it’s a possibility) and watching the skill and athleticism of circus classes I could really see a place for any child here, boy, girl, small, big, flexible, uncoordinated, and so on and so on.  The thing about circus is to give it a go – and there are so many areas to specialise in you can try everything broadly or concentrate on the things you love.

Once Immi decided to give it a go she found that she could actually do it quite well, and I think she surprised herself – and this resulted in much pride and joy.

Thank you very much to NICA for inviting us along to give it a go…