Rainy day – let’s bake

Chocolate cake

It’s raining outside… there’s nothing exciting in the cupboard – let’s do some cooking mummy!

Master Chef Jr (3) and I tried out a new chocolate cake recipe today… and it’s is quite a good one – other than sifting the dry ingredients we only had to add everything else to the bowl and beat for three minutes.  The hard part was waiting 45 for it to cook**.

Here is the link to the recipe we used: Big Oven




  • Buttermilk is just milk with vinegar… add one teaspoon of white vinegar to one cup of milk, and voila: buttermilk
  • This recipe is also listed on the Big Oven iPhone app – I used “chocolate sponge” as my search.. but this cake seems too moist to really be called a ‘sponge’.
  • If making this again I would set my fan forced oven to 165/170C
  • The recipe makes two round cakes… one to share, one to freeze or, if you’re feeling decadent, perfect for a sandwich of jam and cream or chocolate frosting to make a big cake

Here’s the final product – just in time for after school snack 🙂

**Too bad the chef (who insists he doesn’t need a lunchtime sleep) has fallen asleep waiting for it to come out of the oven!  More for Immi and I.. yummm.