Giant inflatable water slides pretty much sums up Splashland – for the 5 to 12 year old crowd this is a super fun three hours of exhilarating slipping and sliding.

When:  Mornington Racecourse: 27 Dec 2016 – 8 Jan 2017, Caulfield Racecourse: 11 Jan – 24 Jan 2017, Morning Session 1: 10am to 1pm, Afternoon Session 2: 1pm to 4pm

Where:  Mornington Racecourse, 1 Racecourse Road MORNINGTON,  Caulfield Racecourse, Gate 22, Station Street CAULFIELD

Cost: kids aged 5-12 $31.50, 3-5 year olds $9 (access to tots slides only), 13+ $15 (access to Trippo only), 13+ spectator pass $5, Book now or purchase tickets at the gate

So what do you need to know about Splashland?

1. There are two slides for the 5 and unders, there are two slides and an obstacle course just for the 5-12 year olds and there is one massive slide that is for all ages (but under 110cm and you need to ride on a parents lap)

2. The information booth has sunscreen you can top up on

3. There is plenty of spots to sit in the shade (but all the inflatables are not shaded)

4. There is food and refreshments available for purchase

5. There is a big screen TV for those who are keen to keep up with the cricket/tennis scores

6. In the last hour of our session the crowd thinned out a little and so queues became much shorter (wait time varied from 10 minutes to 1 minute)

7. With my little posse within the 5-12 year old range there really wasn’t any demand for me to follow the kids around – within the three main activities limited to their age only they could see me sitting at our table where we set up base.  So after the initial explore I was left to sit… given I am not much of a cricket fan I wished I had pre-empted this better and packed a book or the paper.

8. The biggest slide (Trippo) is open to all ages (little ones under 110cm have to sit on a parents lap) – this resulted in it having the longest queue.  Given the kids only had to wait a few minutes at the other slides we didn’t really make much use of the Trippo (I think the kids had 3 or 4 turns on it).  Right at the end of our session I decided to have a turn – it was crazy fun… I’m just not a big fan of standing in lines, so I will have to be satisfied with my one turn – but had it been a quiet day I could have happily had a few more turns.

9. Be sure to check the Facebook page – if there are any weather warnings the park can be closed (as it was the day we had originally planned to go)

10.  You will get wet!  It might not look like much water – but we all got pretty soaked (even me on my one slide!).

Finally, what did the kids say:  “that was awesome” and “can we go again?!”