The Witches by Roald Dahl

The Witches by Roald Dahl

If you love Roald Dahl’s book The Witches then this one-man show is sure to amuse.  Simple theatrics and fabulous story telling come together to capture your imagination and will have you whooping with delight.

When: Until 5 July 2015, various times.  Book now

Where:  Malthouse Theatre, 113 Sturt Street SOUTHBANK

Cost: $25-$45


This 50 minute show is the perfect length for younger audiences.. and for the star of the show, Guy Edmonds, it’s no mean feat to give us 50 minutes of uninterrupted story – given he performs at least nine different roles (that’s at a rough count, I am sure I missed a few!).

The stage is on ground level with the audience seated on either side rising upwards – a bit like a mini football stadium.  Edmonds leaps around his arena embodying all sorts of characters, from mice to the chef, from the Grand High Witch to the rude Bruno.

Immi (8) and Charlie (6) were completely enthralled loving every minute (spoiler alert, skip the next sentence if you want to be surprised on the day) – leaping to catch the pea green soup, squealing when the witch who spoke out of turn got zapped and scrambling when white mice (mechanical) came charging out from under our seats.

If you want some fabulous school holiday theatre then jump onto the Malthouse website now and book tickets.  Recommended for children aged 6+

FYI Immi and I had read the book together six months ago so she was familiar with the tale.  Charlie had no previous knowledge of the story and he loved it just as much as his sister.

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From the PR:

The Witches re-imagines Roald Dahl’s twisted yet endearing story – beloved by children and adults the world over – of one boy against a coven of witches, into a family-friendly one-man performance. Acclaimed performer Guy Edmonds (Holding the Man) single-handedly conjures a cast of gnarled old women, squeaky children and everything in between for an experience as ghastly as it is gleeful.

Thrilling, chilling and a whole lot of fun, bring the kids and join an orphaned boy as he outsmarts a world of child-hating, child-sniffing witches to prove that not only is magic is real and wickedly fun, it’s / a ghoulish and ghastly delight.