Tickets to shows don't pay my bills.

Tickets to shows don’t pay my bills.

To those who follow Meetoo I would like to clear up a few myths.

One of the most common comments I get when I bump into an acquaintance who follows Meetoo is “omg you guys are always going somewhere amazing” followed by “I feel like such a bad parent”.  I want to take a moment to respond to those two things and share something else with you.

It’s true we do do quite a few things – but for the record, it’s part of my “Meetoo job” to share all the things – which I feel perpetuates a kind of myth that we are always doing fun stuff.  Please, everyone is always doing stuff…  95% of it is probably the same boring stuff as me; like emptying the dishwasher and remembering to put petrol in the car kind of stuff… stuff you would never think to share on Instagram because, mundane.

Then there is the second comment – which to me is mildly offensive.  I don’t pretend to be any kind of parent on social media – well I don’t mean to… I try my hardest to ensure my kids are growing up to be decent humans who have empathy and kindness (but it’s not really something I think I overtly mention).

Does sharing “what’s on” around town and saying yes to some invitations somehow make me a better parent than someone else… erm #hellno! My intention has never been to suggest I am any better than anyone else – because I am totally not!  As I sit here I am surrounded by piles of unwashed laundry… most weeks there is a day where I am short on milk or bread as #shoppingfail. It feels like there are neverending forms for things at school that go unsigned, and as a single mum so I feel #alltheguilt… short story is, we (you and me) are all doing our best and I am no yardstick for good or bad parenting!

The other myth people have is that Meetoo is a successful* business.

*Using the measure of success in business as being “income generating”.  (Because I otherwise, totes successful.)

Rodan fields

Truth is that I started Meetoo as a hobby – as an opportunity to stay connected with the world when my kids were little – an opportunity to learn new skills while I was a stay at home mum and finally… my secret hope was that I might get invited to a few things.  Pre-kids I worked in design and PR and I loved going to art and design openings – there were interesting people in the room and free champagne.  I would take a friend along and it would kick start our evening on the town.  When I became a mum I had to let go of that part of my life, and I missed it… a little bit.

I began Meetoo in 2011… yup that’s forever in blog years.  Some people think it’s my full-time job – for the record, it’s still a hobby (I do occasional sponsored posts, but most of my perks are in-kind).  The truth is I get a buzz out of having access to things I wouldn’t otherwise, and I get a buzz out of helping people by sharing interesting things.  Sometimes I wonder what I am doing (especially at 1am on mornings I am trying to finish the dreaded school holiday list!).  But I don’t know how to stop – and I have a sense of responsibility to you guys.

So how do I pay my bills and put food on the table?

I do a bunch of things.  Sometimes I consult for businesses who need help with social marketing and blogger outreach – preferably I am an employee. People often wonder why I don’t chuck in the day job and do Meetoo full time. Honestly, the thing I love about Meetoo is I only HAVE to do the bits I LIKE if I want, the boss here is pretty slack like that. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty basic no-no for running a media outlet that generates enough income to put food on the table and not keep me awake at nights. So yeah, I adult over at my “real” job – and am eternally grateful for all the things Meetoo has taught me along the way so I can be better at my job (and vice versa!).

Disclaimer: I think I have a thing for pets in glasses.