Tupperware Lunchbox set

Tupperware Lunchbox set

The word Tupperware is synonymous with high quality food containers – and so who best to turn to for lunchbox options.

Tupperware Fuel Pack and Fast Quench

I should point out straight up that I have never hosted a Tupperware party and have only been to a couple: the first time was to see what it was all about and the second time was to provide a bit of ‘rent-a-crowd’ for my friend the host (and to catch up with my mates).  Both times (despite my best intentions to not spend any money) I ended up purchasing – always the two things I can justify, lunchboxes and snack containers.  These items have been the long term relationship in my plastic container drawer – we may have misplaced the odd lid, but otherwise they are still looking as good as they did the day they were delivered, and that was awhile ago now.  So I was thrilled to receive this selection of Tupperware lunchbox products to write about and share with you.

Our school (and also our Kinder) is a nude food zone – and I have done my best to embrace this.  I think the key to maintaining nude food in the long term, and making it as easy as possible, is to have a great selection of different sized containers – so you can mix and match depending on what you’re making for lunch on the day.  Below is some great lunchbox items that make nude food not only achievable but also attractive.

First up is the Tupperware Fuel Pack.  This set comes with four containers, an insulated zip up bag and a nutritional booklet filled with handy tips for school lunches.  Our thoughts:

  • The big clasps on the four containers are easy for little hands to pop open (my 5 year old managed without any explanation or struggle – but younger children might need assistance) however they were not as easy to close again – possibly they loosen up a bit with time.
  • The variety of sizes makes this set versatile to suit different appetites and meal options.  My 8 year old would not need a meal this size, but perhaps senior school boys would eat this for morning tea?
  • The containers are deep enough to store a small apple – and the 1.25l container (the biggest) can fit a regular-large apple (due to the design of the clasp system the depth of the containers near the clasp is shallower – in the 1.25l container you can fit a regular sized apple in the back area, where it measures 7.5cm deep).
  • The 1.2l and 500ml containers come with removable dividers – these dividers are not water tight so you can’t store something wet on one side and something dry on the other, but definitely useful for dividing up food you don’t want mixed.
  • The lids of the containers easily pull off to make stacking in the dishwasher easier – and storage a little easier (the containers don’t stack so do take up a little bit of space when it comes to storing them).  Being attached means that the lids are less likely to be lost.
  • The design is sturdy and durable – they look ready to survive any beating that might come their way in school yard!
  • The zip up cooler bag is a must in summer – and given my kids are not at the eating capacity of this sized lunchbox set I can fill half the bag with lunchbox and there is still plenty of room for an apple and frozen drink bottle.
  • At $72 for the set it’s more than you would pay at the local supermarket for a lunchbox set – but most likely much stronger and comes with a Tupperware lifetime guarantee which means under normal use if the product has a manufacturing default it will be replaced with new.  Seven years ago I purchased a Tupperware lunchbox (different design back then) for my toddler and nearly four years later the clip failed and I contacted Tupperware – the local rep collected the lunchbox from my front porch and then 10 days later a brand new lunchbox was delivered to my front door.  At that moment I fully appreciated the quality of service and the longevity of my investment – that lunchbox is still going strong and a firm favourite.

Second is the Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Square – Fab Five.  This is a five pack of the very versatile Sandwich Keeper in a vibrant rainbow colour range.  These containers can easily fit two regular sized sandwiches and are also handy containers for snacks.  If you have lunches to make everyday having a collection of five of these Sandwich Keeper Squares means you will never be short.  A must for any lunchbox collection.  RRP$60 – includes five containers all with lifetime guarantees.


Finally the Tupperware Kids’ Fast Quench (RRP $24).  A drink bottle with a handy snack storage/cup built into its base.  My impressions of this drink bottle:

  • The flip lid is easy to open and the nozzle/opening is easy for a child or adult to sip from – ergonomically designed to fit comfortably all sized mouths.
  • I love that the opening is wide and easy to clean – all the components are dishwasher safe and with no intricate small parts so you don’t need to worry about germs collecting around the very bit you put in your mouth!
  • The drink bottle didn’t have any nasty plastic smell and the water (after the bottle had just been given a quick rinse) didn’t have any plastic taste – and it was drunk over an hour later after having sat outside on a 39C day.  I don’t think I have ever had a plastic drink bottle that hasn’t left a plastic taste in the water so I was really impressed by this.
  • The little snack container/cup is a great addition – my daughter loves to share with a friend and this is a much more hygienic way for her to do this.  Plus you can never have too many spare snacks hidden away when you’re out and about so this would come in handy when we are out for the day as a family.
  • My only concern with this bottle is that the easy to open flip lid doesn’t have a highly secure clasp to secure it shut – and while it’s working fine at the moment I am wondering if further down the track this could be come problematic (ie flip open in my handbag and empty) so I contacted a few friends who are long time Tupperware users and came across a couple who have multiples of the Fast Quench.. the jury came back and the verdict was “this product can leak so keep an eye on it” – thank goodness for the lifetime guarantee!

Thank you to Tupperware for sending us these beautiful products to use and keep – we will love using these for many years to come!  All views expressed here are my own and I welcome your feedback and experiences with these products in the comments section below.  If you wish to purchase any of the items mentioned here, or on Tupperware’s website, please contact Tupperware online or via 1800 805 396 and your local representative will be in touch to manage your order.


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