Bobux are too cool for school {bummer}

Bobux has a 20-year history of supporting the foot development of kids aged 0-5.  Recognised by podiatrists, shoe fitters and design award programs around the world as the standout shoe brand for crawlers through to confident walkers, Bobux is a champion in kids feet.bobux

Disclaimer:  in my “real” job (the one that pays my bills) I help brands work with bloggers – to date the campaigns have had no relevance to Meetoo readers so I’ve not had reason to mention it before.  But I have now been working with Bobux for over a year and they are really nice people who make an awesome product – and my niece has been helping me out with testing a few pairs… so I felt it was time to share with you guys, just in case you’re in the market for some totally cool shoes for your preschooler.

If any item of clothing is worth investing in it’s your kids shoes.  Developing feet are actually best left barefoot – but realistically treating your feet in the paleo fashion just doesn’t’ cut it in our modern urban life.  There are times where it’s safe to let the kids go barefoot – but there are also times where it isn’t, and for those times you need shoes!  (And preferably not just any shoes.)

Sadly {sob} my kids have outgrown the Bobux range – and Bobux just an FYI – I have lost count of the fellow mums out there I have spoken with who would love Bobux school shoes and big kids weekend shoes.  Why do they have to be too cool for school?

Thankfully my little niece (and pretty soon her baby sister) is the perfect Bobux age.  My 2-year-old niece is jumping, running, dancing, climbing, twirling and tumbling – playing.

While the foot health stuff, and the work of the paediatric podiatrists at Bobux HQ in NZ, is wonderful at alleviating any mother guilt (when it comes to your child’s health) – it means nothing if your child won’t actually wear the shoes – or you loathe the very sight of them.  To date Bobux has always had a very tasteful and classic/modern style ensuring they work well for party wear – but the design team realised that this didn’t always translate into everyday wear and so this year they have launched the very cool PLAY range.  So now you’re covered – from the park to the princess party.

If you’re ordering a pair online before the end of July 2016 be sure to use the code Media_Pass at the checkout to qualify for FREE postage.


Disclosure: in my day job Bobux is a client.  This post isn’t sponsored (or expected)