Bounce Inc Blackburn

Bounce Inc Blackburn – trampolining centre

Bounce has opened its second Melbourne venue, Bounce Inc Blackburn North – and we have to say it’s even better!  Any improvements that could have been made on their Glen Iris venue they have embraced and the venue is even bigger, boasts a generous undercover car park and plenty of space for those not jumping to kick back and watch the action.

When:  Mon – Thurs: 10am – 9pm, Fri: 10am – 10pm, Sat: 9am – 10pm, Sun: 10am – 8pm

Where:  22 Joseph St, Blackburn North

Cost:  rates vary, but start at $16/jumper if you already own the socks (and $18 if you need the socks).  Blackburn also offer Junior Jumping sessions and the Mini-Bounce sessions.  You need to be aged 3+ to jump, for children under 5 please check the booking page for more information.  Click here for more information.


Following in the footsteps of its big brother in Glen Iris, Bounce Inc Blackburn North uses the same kind of format – you purchase a colour coded wrist band (which denotes what time you’re jumping until) and head out into the trampoline arena.  There is a huge free jumping area, two dodgeball courts, the Big Bag pit, as well as “The Wall” area, performance trampolines and basket ball Dunk.  Bounce Inc Blackburn is a bigger space with even more trampolines than its sister in Glen Iris.  Add to that a more generous viewing area for parents (and the next round of jumpers) and it is a space that works really well.  We also loved the on site undercover car park which was free to use.

We went on a Monday after school and there were at least five staff on site (possibly more at different stages) and less than 30 jumpers – which meant we had free reign of the venue and no queues!  So no excuses – I got out there too.. even took a leap into the Big Bag.  And since the staff weren’t too busy they were more than happy to show off a few awesome tricks – clearly they love what they do, and hey – it looks like a job that would be loads of fun.

School holidays and weekends are hugely popular at Bounce – MAKE SURE YOU BOOK ONLINE to avoid disappointment!  Click here to book.

Birthday parties at Bounce Inc Blackburn are huge fun – just ask any kid whose been to one.

A little comment about safety.
Like all things in life you need to know your limits and stick with what you are comfortable with.  My little rubber boned children flung themselves with abandon into the Big Bag 30 odd times; this mama knew after one go on the Big Bag that this could be the one manoeuvre that could put a crick in her neck, so once was enough.

There are rules at Bounce (like only one person on any one trampoline at a time) to avoid injury.  While I reckon 99% of our school has been to Bounce Glen Iris since it opened I haven’t yet heard of anyone breaking a limb (that’s not to say it hasn’t happened) yet rumours still persist about Bounce and injury.  If you are reading this and worried about the rumours, I would suggest approach it like this: life is a series of calculated risks, if it was possible to collect such statistics it would be interesting to know how the figures for injury compare between team sports, skate parks, ski slopes, playgrounds and other public play spaces.  In my little family we have had a cracked sternum (daddy on the ski slopes), cracked ribs (mummy foolishly trying snowboarding – never again), broken toes (mummy in the kitchen, don’t ask) and a broken arm (Immi on the monkey bars at school).  And all of us have had childhoods involving exposure to trampolines.  Clearly based on that highly accurate data crunching the stats show that the snow, followed by school and home, are the most dangerous places to be.  (And I would suggest any trampolining pre 2000 was pretty risky.)

The only thing we leave Bounce with is a big grin and an elevated heart rate – and a lot of  “muuuuuum, when can we go again?!?!!!”.

We reviewed Bounce Inc Blackburn in June 2014, all content was correct at time of publishing.