Darling Quarter @ Darling Harbour Sydney

Darling Quarter @ Darling Harbour Sydney

An innovative playground in the heart of Sydney where children can explore, create, extend both mind and body and, most importantly, have fun.

Where: The Darling Quarter, new precinct in Darling Harbour, 1-25 Harbour Street, Sydney

Cost: FREE


This playground is a very popular spot, and it’s easy to see why – children of all ages covered every inch of the space when we visited on a Monday afternoon (school day).

It’s quite a generous sized playground, and my two were briefed at the outset that we moved only as a group – with no fences and major public thoroughfares on either side my concern was loosing sight of a child.. and given there are so many fabulous things to play on it could be tempting to run off in different directions – thankfully they stayed in eye (and ear) shot.

By far the water play area was the clear winner for Immi (6) and Charlie (4).  And whilst they couldn’t get wet (sorry kids we were meeting friends for dinner straight after) we rolled up Charlie’s pants and took off shoes so that a little wading could be enjoyed.  There were all manner of gates which controlled the water flow down the mini river system – and this encouraged play among a number of the children, a couple of older ones enlisting the younger ones to assist with some plan they had in mind.  I can imagine in summertime this would be loads of fun!

We had only an hour to spend here, but I am sure had we’d arrived in the morning we could have happily set up camp here for a few hours.

There is a nearby parents room facility and also many places to eat next to the park (notice the golden arches in the background of one image) and also a cafe within the park.  Also easy to access via public transport.  For more information visit www.darlingquarter.com.