Hi Voltage indoor go karts

Speed demons have you been to Hi Voltage yet?  A 300m indoor racetrack with electric karts that travel at 80km/hr!

When: Monday – Friday 11am – 10pm, Saturday 9am -11pm, Sunday 9am – 8pm

Where:  25 Business Park Drive, RAVENHALL

Cost:  Adults $30 for 1 race (14 laps), kids $25 for 1 race, click here for more information.

For this review we dragged along uncle Patrick… and when I say dragged I mean he couldn’t wait to get on the track and beat us all.  And yes he did beat us all, but quite admirably (or alarmingly) Charlie (8) was hot hot hot on his heels.

The facility at Hi Voltage is super impressive – spotlessly clean and new.  The electric karts are state of the art – and the question we all had was would they make any noise, well yes they do, a fabulous racing car noise (not as loud) without the exhaust fumes.  The carts are super quick – we had a blast screaming around the track… the boys were cracking lap times in the low 30’s of seconds.

We had a really fun time – the only downside was that I came last… in my defence the kids and my brother had a warm up session while I captured some video and photo’s.  They had worked out the layout of the track and got a head start – I was a lost cause.  So it’s happened… the kids are evolving, growing, skilling up – and despite 27 years of on road experience, I am clearly not a born racing driver (damn, I kind if wished I was).

Hi Voltage is as much about skill as speed.  When you first visit you have a membership card made up – and your times are recorded so that next time you visit you can race yourself.

During our race there was just the four of us, but you can have up to 8 at a time.  Kids as young as 8 can race (and 125cm high).  You don’t need to make a reservation – but if you happen to rock up on a busy day you might want call ahead and put your name down (just means you don’t have to wait as long).  We turned up at 5.30pm on a Friday and we had the place to ourselves… when we left at 6.30pm a few guys had arrived.